APATHY: Commuters at risk as vehicles

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Nov 2017 11:01:21


Staff Reporter,

UTTER negligence on the part of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) in getting restored main road, dug out to lay sewer pipes is proving dear to residents of Sneh Nagar as heavy vehicles are plunging regularly into improperly filled sewer channel. On Tuesday morning, a heavy vehicle of Jabalpur Waste Collection and Transportation Management Private Limited, a Concessionaire of JMC, sank deep into partially filled sewer furrow. It obstructed traffic on the route for hours. Later, after hard toil the huge vehicle was pulled out of the channel.

After an hour of the incident, another heavy truck, a public carrier, got stuck into partially covered sewer channel. Later, after hard toil it could also be taken out of sewer line through JCB machine. A few days ago a Hiwa laden with sand got stuck at the same spot. A day after the incident, a School Bus of St Joseph Girls Higher Secondary School also met the same fate. Nearly 35 girls students were on the bus. Due to this, students had to stand on road for almost one hour. They reached the school late and reportedly could not appear in practical examination on time.

Turning on main road of Sneh Nagar is proving fatal and turning into “accident point”. Despite such danger, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation is paying no heed to restore sewer line and keep people safe. Residents of Sneh Nagar have several times submitted complaints to senior JMC officials. They met the Mayor, the Municipal Commissioner and all senior authorities concerned at JMC and apprised them of the problem. But, neither the company, which is carrying out sewer work nor JMC is taking pain to restore sewer line properly and construct road. Their laxity is proving dear to entire colony as heavy traffic on the main road is diverted to the colony. Heavy trucks, buses, dumpers, cars and bikes are passing through narrow lane of the colony round-the-clock. Dust on the road following heavy traffic leads to suffocation and breathlessness.

Senior citizens and small children have been suffering from respiratory ailments due to dust. Thick layer of dust gets deposited on their houses. Colony people cannot keep their doors or windows open as they find a thick layer of dust in their houses. People have to sprinkle water on the road, in front of their houses both the time to ensure safety of their children from dust. Senior citizens of the colony informed that they have already met the Mayor, Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, CEO of Smart City, Executive Engineer and also apprised t hem of seriousness of the issue but no one paid any heed so far.

Residents said they too have submitted complaint during Jan Sunwai. But, the problem remains unsolved. Concerned company had started sewer line connection work on main road of Sneh Nagar nearly one-and-half month ago. Company had paid utter negligence in executing the work. It had heavy traffic of the main road through colony lane.

Since then, heavy trucks, dumpers, tractors, public carriers, cars and four wheelers have been passing through the colony and creating massive traffic jam. Colony people have demanded the JMC to direct for early restoration of sewer line and construction of road so that they could take a sigh of relief. plunge into badly filled sewer channel