Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Nov 2017 11:28:08

IT WILL beat anybody to hear Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi shouting from the roof top that the World Bank certificate of improved Ease of Doing Business atmosphere is not true. Blasting the Government, Mr. Gandhi has stated very aggressively that there is no improvement in Ease of Doing Business situation in the country. His tweet, at best, makes a good political copy for journalists, but does not make any factual sense. The biggest misfortune is that Mr. Gandhi is willing to blast his own country’s achievement just because it suits his politics. This is nothing but dirty politics -- of which the common man is now fully tired. 

In the past some months, the congress party, especially its Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi, has worked overtime to find fault with the Government and blast its claims of achievement. So, as part of that dirty political game, Mr. Gandhi did not mind calling the successful surgical strikes into Pakistani territory by the Indian Army as fake, and also blasting the Indian stand on Doka La face-off. And to make matters worse, he even sought a meeting with a Chinese diplomat when the Doka La face-off crisis was at its peak and India was asserting its right to defend its own territory in an absolutely hostile terrain.

Time and again, in the past some time, as part of its effort to redeem itself following crushing defeats in election after election, the Congress leadership is trying to place the blame of everything at the Government’s door. Every decision of the Narendra Modi Government may not have succeeded to the fullest extent in the short run. Yet, in the longer runs, things are beginning to show much improvement, which even the world is beginning to acknowledge and appreciate. However, for the Opposition parties, this success is an anathema. They are going to ridiculous extent to blast the Government, no matter if that means talking against their own country.

It is perfectly fine for any political party to have its own views on issues. It is also perfectly fine for any political party to disagree with the Government. The contrarian view, in fact, is an integral part of the democratic process. For, it has the importance of a counter-weight that is so essential to stabilise the balance. In an inclusive democracy, opposing the official view and putting across an alternative standpoint is an acceptable and honourable norm.

Despite this, it is difficult to accept that whatever the Congress and other Opposition parties are trying to talk about the Government’s actions can constitute a legitimate contrarian view. For, the impression the common man is getting now is that having been reduced to a near-zero condition, the Opposition parties are resorting to the concept of opposition for the sake of opposition even if it does not make any sense. For the future electoral gains, perhaps the Opposition parties have no other option but to keep opposing the ruling party at every step of the way. This is what they have often done in the past as well -- oppose for the sake of opposition even if it made no sense. If this is the level of public discourse in India, then the very basis of democracy is threatened.

It must be recorded for history’s sake that the Congress party has mothered all such tactics in the past half a century. Most unfortunately, this has become an integral part of India’s political culture. This thought gets all the more saddening when we hear Mr. Rahul Gandhi talk utter nonsense debunking even the World Bank report appreciating improved Ease of Doping Business status of India from the global 130th rank to the very respectable 100th. This is not just an incremental process, but represents an exponential surge of which we all must be proud.