Facing boycott, hapless woman performs last rites of hubby

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Nov 2017 10:18:01


Our Correspondent,


Boycotted by her family, relatives and the society, a woman living alone displayed her inner strength by digging up gave and burying her deceased husband in the courtyard of her house. The only sin of her was the love marriage which she did against the approval of her family.

The hapless woman lived with the body of her husband for six days in her house. On 7th day when police reached her house after being informed by the villagers, she buried her deceased husband in the courtyard of her house. The deceased was to be given ‘mukhagni’ but she had no descendants.

To everyone’s shock the body of the deceased was decomposed and stinking. Police got the post mortem of the body and funeral rites were performed. No relatives, no villagers came to attend funeral rites. This story gives clear message of casteism that is deep rooted in Indian society.
Shivnath (52) and Manmati had love marriage in Gram Panchayat Parasgarhi in Janpad Panchayat Manendragarh. They had no offsprings. The woman was from Parasgarhi and after marriage both started living together in the same village. The husband Shivnath passed away on October 26. The woman informed the relatives about the death of her husband but no one came to attend the funeral.

The distressed woman kept the body of her deceased husband on a cot and looked after it for five days. On October 30, she informed the villagers.
The very next day villagers reached woman’s house. The body of the deceased was lying on the cot. The body was decomposed and insects were devouring it.

The Sarpanch informed the Manendragarh police station. On getting information, police reached Parasgarhi village and after performing panchnama, body was sent for post-mortem. After post mortem, funeral rites were performed on Wednesday. The woman worked as labourer in National Highway department.

However, police claimed that there was no social boycott but it is fact that the woman lived withthe body of her deceased husband for 6 days. She was waiting for her relatives. When nobody turned up, she herself buried the body of her deceased husband in the presence of police.