NIT holds training programme on Digital Watermarking Techniques

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Nov 2017 10:20:31


Staff Reporter,


The ongoing short term training programme on Multimedia security in National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur witnessed eminent professors from Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata and from the own institute. Dr Gautam Paul Ms from University at Albany New York working as professor in ISI Kolkata took a session on quantum Information and security and Quantum Cryptography. He started with the basic experiment of electronics that is young’s double split experiment which every science student understands. He further continued on Quantum postulates, Non cloning theorem and quantum key distribution.

The no cloning theorem prevents an interpretation of the holographic principle for black holes as meaning that there are two copies of information, one lying at the event horizon and the other in the black hole interior. Quantum physics violates the most fundamental principles of our perception of reality, and moreover, of our logic intuition. For this reason, this field represent and endless source of concepts to be understood, and therefore, an endless source of technological applications.

Dr Toshan Meenpal professor from Department of Electronics NIT Raipur discussed on digital watermarking techniques. He added the interesting application of steganography. Steganograpy in simple words can be explained as an art of hidden communication generally used by military personals. The day concluded with the lab session from Dr Saurav Sengupta Prof ISI Kolkata and will take lecture session on approaches of cryptanalysis on last day of session.

Vigilance Awareness Week Celebration: Vigilance week was inaugurated by online oath taking ceremony on October 30 by Prof A M Rawani Director and Dr Shirish Verma of NIT Raipur to aware the faculties, staff and students from corruption related activities. Online certificate issued by Government of India was also made public. Dr Sudhakar Pandey organised essay writing competition “ Mera Lakshya Bhrashtachar Mukt Bharat” and Dr S Majumder organised slogan writing on the same topic. Abhinay The dramatics club gave a inspiring message through their Nukkad Natak.