NMC’s negligence turns historic Shukrawari lake into a dirty place

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Nov 2017 09:05:44



By Parth Welankar,

Criminal neglect by society reduces a scenic location to a garbage dump

Shukrawari Lake also called as Gandhi Sagar Lake and Jumma lake continues to be in the worst of its shape. They are picture perfect of gross negligence on part of the urban planners. While the lake which is said to exist for more than 275 years and could have been one of the prime tourist location, having the potential of being a beautiful venue, the Shukrawari Lake today sadly remains in an exact contrary condition.

One still vividly remembers childhood memories when Nagpurians delighted in spending quality time at the artificial island in the Northern side of the lake. The garden developed by NMC and named after Bhaji Pagey used to be filled with children and their parents during the summer time. For residents of Mahal it was regular place for a evening visit. But somehow that old glory has been pushed to memories and over the year now one even gets goose bumps standing close to the lake, as one gets hit by pungent and foul smell. Silt has got accumulated into the lake bed due to criminal negligence on part of the society which took pride in immersing idols of Lord Ganesh, and thereafter that of Goddess Durga. The systematic abuse lasted over a very long period before authorities finally woke-up to the danger and banned immersion of idols.

Thereafter artificial tank was created on part of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to facilitate immersion of idols of Lord Ganesh. But it has only added to worsening the historic importance of the lake that once was pride of the Nagpur Kingdom. This tank was created with an intent to facilitate the citizens doing immersion by not polluting the lake. However, the tank has added to the existing unhygienic condition around the lake. Madhavrao Solapurkar a resident of that area said, “It has become extremely difficult to live here with such pollution. The pungent smell because of the untreated and exposed garbage piles have created a lot of trouble to residents living near the Shukrawari Lake”. Also very adjacent to the tank, portion of the lake remains under the layer of garbage. Unfortunately, the projects undertaken by the NMC for the development of the premises have failed to make any difference to the bad condition of the lake. While NMC had proposed a Khau Galli on the lake side opposite Raman Science Center, even before a single delicacy could be served to the customer, the project got surrounded by controversy and the project became a failure and also wasting a huge sum of public money.

Another side of the lake opposite the State Bank Of India, Mahal Branch, appears to be one of the dumpsites of the location. A perfect place for capturing an exquisite look of the lake have been pre-occupied by the garbage. Even the basic security measures are trivialized in context to the development of the site. A railing of the fence opposite to the Shikshak Sahakari Bank hall has been broken since very long. The negligence of the administration has left the fence in a very risky condition. Unfortunately, one of the finest avenues in regards to the beautification of the city continues to be unhygienic and remains neglected.