Chaotic scenes as Oppn stuck on discussion on adjournment motion

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Nov 2017 15:44:07


Staff Reporter,

Madhya Pradesh Assembly witnessed a huge pandemonium as Opposition stuck to its demand that immediate discussion should be done on issue of women’s security and Bhopal gangrape case on Wednesday.

Owing to noisy scenes created by Opposition members in support of its demand, House has to be adjourned four times on Wednesday. However, before adjournment, Finance Minister Jayant Mallaiya tabled the second supplementary budget to the tune of Rs 15,556.89 crore. After adjournment of house for entire day, Opposition members staged a sit-in outside the Assembly.

No sooner did the session started, Opposition demanded discussion on adjournment motion related to women’s security and gangrape case. In support of demand, Opposition members trooped to the well and resorted to sloganeering, plunging the House into din.

Speaker Dr Sitasharan Sharma asked Opposition members to take their seats by telling that he will talk on the matter after 12 noon. However, Opposition remained adamant on its demand. Revenue Minister Umashankar Gupta took umbrage on the behaviour of Opposition and had heated argument with some Opposition members in this regard.

Seeing the uproarious scenes, Speaker adjourned House for ten minutes. When House resumed after adjournment, once again Opposition members started to demand that discussion should be done on their adjournment. Congress MLA Ram Niwas Rawat sought arrangement on Opposition’s adjournment. He also took on a minister by telling that minister in concern is facing charge under Section 302.

Dr Govind Singh backed Ram Niwas Rawat and stated that CM is celebrating completion of 12 years tenure and today’s day should be assumed as black spot day. Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh also joined the chorus. Minister Umashankar Gupta tried to defend government by telling that law of capital punishment has been made.

Interrupting in middle, Ajay Singh expressed anger by saying that it is issue of women of entire state and it is question of girls.
“On such issues discussion is not then why we have come here……I request you to give arrangement immediately whether discussion should take place on adjournment or not,” said Ajay Singh to Speaker. He also added that a minister, who is accused of Section 302, is in house and from this, one can imagine that in which direction law and order is going. Ajay Singh’s comment ruffled the feathers of ruling party, which took strong objection on Singh’s assertion. Later, Opposition members once again marched towards well of the House and started sloganeering, plunging house into din. In the meantime, Panchayat Minister Gopal Bhargava took on Opposition by stating that all the accused involved in the incident, on which Opposition wants discussion, have been arrested. To stop incidents, provision of even capital punishment has been made. He accused Opposition of shying away from discussion on farmers issue, drought, relief and scanty rainfall.
However, senior Congress MLA Dr Govind Singh told that discussion was done in Parliament over ‘Nirbhaya case’. In the meantime, Opposition members continued to raise slogans in the well of the House. In between, Speaker told to Opposition that discussion on adjournment would be discussed in any form. However, Opposition stuck to its demand of immediate discussion on adjournment. When uproarious scenes continued, Speaker adjourned the House once again for ten minutes. When House resumed once again, Congress MLA Dr Govind Singh once again raised the demand regarding adjournment motion. Afterwards, Opposition members trooped to the well and started to raise slogans against Government. Even woman MLA Chanda Surendra Singh Gaur showed bangles to ruling party. Amidst the chaotic scenes, Speaker resumed question hour proceeding. After two questions, Speaker adjourned House till 12 noon. When House resumed at 12 noon, Deputy Speaker Dr Rajendra Singh announced that House has been adjourned for half an hour. During this period, Opposition went into the chamber of Speaker and literally took siege of the chamber. It was at 12.37 pm that House resumed its function and Kailash Chawla started to preside over the house functioning. Amidst unruly scenes of Opposition, House proceedings commenced and Finance Minister Jayant Mallaiya tabled the second supplementary budget of Rs 15,556.89 crores. After completion of listed business of the day, House was adjourned by Chairperson till Thursday.