Kamptee Road widening work endangers commuters

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Nov 2017 14:38:59


By Sagar Mohod,

For the commuters using Kamptee-Nagpur stretch the current widening work of the road is giving hell of an experience. From the past one month National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) appointed contractor started the work for four laning on the busy road. However the contractor did not take care to put in place safety measures to ensure road users do not face inconvenience while using it during the ongoing widening work. So absence of basic safety measures during such work has exposed the riders to grave danger, and during the month long period the stretch as feared has turned out to be an accident highway.

Initially the work started of with a bang and many of the regular commuters on the road were surprised. The people thought that given the speed with which the contractor is working the widening and concretisation work was headed for fast finish. But as happens, after the initial bang the work has now slowed down, almost crawled as if there is no hurry now. Thus now for the riders the risk has multiplied and is not likely to end very soon as they expected earlier.

The work started without mandatory precautionary work put in place by the contractor, the people alleged. Barricades should have been put in place to ensure lane cutting is avoided and traffic moves smoothly. The way both the sides were taken-up simultaneously for digging-up for widening and concretisation shows that NHAI was in tremendous hurry to finish off the work, leaving aside the danger it was exposing the road users to.

Particularly the problem is more accentuated due to small road width available for road users right now. The traffic on the road is very heavy and hence there is very little room for error while driving to and fro to Kamptee and to Nagpur. As both the sides have been dug-up people have to make a fine balance to avoid the speeding vehicles and two wheeler riders most of whom are in tearing hurry. A little error and any rider can end up below the road and then one has to
thank one's start if they escape with minor injures. Because a fall either on the road or below it is sure to come at a price, a broken piece of bone or multiple fractures.

The problem is more grave from Bhilgaon to Kamptee T-point as a bridge comes in between and its width has not been increased to handle the additional traffic.

This stretch is very dangerous and road users are daily exposed to danger while negotiating the bridge. Also due to erratic diversion, the traffic crawls during the peak time, leaving the road users frustrated. There are no parallel road available to divert the heavy traffic on the Kamptee Road and hence the mixed traffic is a bane.

Perhaps the citizens says a consultant could have been appointed by the NHAI to commission the measures to be taken before starting the widening and concretisation work on Kamptee-Nagpur stretch.