Link failure, a new headache for customers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Nov 2017 10:04:27

By Pravin Vighre,

THE world might have come to our finger tips through the internet and on-line transactions but the new technology has also brought with it some new problems. Digitalisation of things might be on the right track, as wished by the Government, but consistent ‘link failure’ has become a new headache for customers and officials alike.The common reply one gets these days is “The site was very slow.” From filing of Income-tax returns to GST returns the common problem these days is the portal just does not work!

Same is the thing when one wants to apply for job, or fill admission form, or even the Common Entrance Test. “I first went to Bhande Plot centre where I was asked to go to Ashok Square centre or Nandanwan just to pay my mobile bill. When I went to Ashok Square centre I was asked to pay cash only as there was ‘link failure’ and they were not able to swap my credit card,” Gaurav Jain, a harried customer, told ‘The Hitavada’. Same is the case with many other people. “Many a time we feel that the manual payment age was better,” said another customer. The problem is more grave in banks. The custom reply one gets while encashing one’s cheque is, “Our server is very slow. We can’t do any thing.”

On Friday, server was down for three hours in one of the branches of a leading bank. It caused a lot of hardships to the customers who had thronged the bank at the start of month. The long, waiting queue included many pensioners, who had come to collect their monthly payment.“For three hours we had to stay put at the branch. When we asked the reason the only answer we got from the manager to the security guard was ‘Link failure’,” a pensioner narrated his plight to this scribe.If there is one thing that can defeat the dream of digitisation then it would be ‘Link Failure’, the old man’s quip said it all.