CEO of Bhilai Steel Plant interacts with officials for better production

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Nov 2017 12:04:15


Staff Reporter,


In order to bolster the spirit of ‘Team Bhilai’ and also to personally communicate the challenges of supplying rails to Indian Railways, M Ravi took the initiative of interacting with the cross section of executives from several departments at BTI Assembly Hall, where inspection officials of RITES were also present.

The interactions were organized on 3.11.17 and 4.11.17 at the end of each shift , thus CEO met the ‘A’ shift executives at 14:15 Hrs, the ‘B’ shift officers at 22:15 Hrs and the ‘C’ shift officers at 06:15 Hrs.

During these synergy sessions, Ravi informed the participants that the Railways have forecast a huge requirement of rails for further developing the infrastructure of rail transport in India as well as for increasing passengers’ safety and comfort. As such, in order to keep any competition at bay, the plant needs to immediately augment the quantity of rails, being supplied to the Indian Railways at least to the extent of 90000T per month, in order to meet the Railways enhanced requirement.

CEO further stated that although Bhilai Steel Plant is committed to meet the complete requirement of rails of Indian Railways, during FY 17-18, the plant has been lagging behind in fulfilling commitment of rail supplies, mainly because of low productivity at the newly-commissioned URM.

Ravi however appreciated that stabilization of the new mill takes some times, meanwhile the performance at URM has gradually improved enabling enhancement of supply level from 4000 T in Apr’17 to 20000 T in Oct’17. The mill has also overcome all the problems which have come in the way, whether it is the problem of stamping machine or collaring in BD-2 stand. CEO desired that the new technology at URM should be quickly grasped by the mill personnel so that the mill can steadily achieve higher goals.
CEO also noted that RSM has been producing consistently at a level of around 60000 T per month and needs to further enhance performance both in terms of quality and tonnage. Performance of RSM did suffer during Oct’17 due to short supply of blooms. It will be however ensured that availability of blooms doesn’t become a constraint for production of higher quantum of rails from RSM.

Ravi took the opportunity to praise the efforts put by the entire team involved in production of rails, including the RITES inspectors who ensure the quality of each and every rail so that it does not fail in its entire service life. He further emphasized that each and every individual concerned needs to give his 100% in maximizing production both from RSM & URM immediately, as the present situation demands a “now or never” approach from Team Bhilai.