SALZBURG Soulful Sojourn Into The World Of Symphony

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Nov 2017 13:04:26



Life is truly seasons, sometimes dry arid summer, sometimes beautiful spring or sometimes just a transition like autumn.. but in all the phases, there is one thing in common, come what may, there is always music around. There is music in every soul, sometimes evident, sometimes hidden. I am reminded of an iconic song at this moment, Doe (Do)a deer... a female deer...ray(Re) a drop of golden sun,, the DoReMi song from the classic Sound Of Music. Being musically inclined, I always wished to visit a place which has music in the air and if that happens to be a place where this beautiful song was picturised, what more can one ask for? And so...Salzburg happened.. A beautiful, innocent city in Austria at the boundary of Alps. When we reached Salz, as I lovingly call it, it was a golden morning with a tinge of cold in the air and a distinct feel of music. The city seemed like a natural habitat of music amidst equally picturesque locales.


Just as we stepped down at the station, we were greeted by maples and maples everywhere! They were standing in the golden hue donned in all possible shades of green, yellow and red, as if welcoming us. There is a unique feature about maple, not only it is one of the most beautiful trees, but also it gives you a very affable feel. One just wants to stand beneath it, the warmth that it exudes is so endearing. Soaked in the hospitality fcoffered by maples, we moved ahead towards our hotel. Salz is a glowing city, full of hassle free streets, colourful flowers and happy faces. I guess the musical culture makes life easier to endure, as music offers all the cure. The Salzach river surrounding the city completes the natural orchestra by its soft subtle flowing notes.



Witnessing this extravaganza, are the majestic Alps, whose beautiful snow clad peaks add a different stature. Our journey within the city, started with the famous Sound of Music tour...and what a journey it was!! I was lucky to have my young daughter by my side, whose excitement while experiencing this sound of music tour was noteworthy. The whole classic flashed in front of our eyes as each location unfurled and we couldn’t stop swaying to those nostalgic tunes . Oh! What do I say! The only words that kept ringing were, The hills are alive with the sound of music With songs they have sung for a thousand years The hills fill my heart with the sound of music My heart wants to sing every song it hears Mirabelle gardens where Maria sings Do Re Mi, was full of rainbow of flowers. No doubt it was chosen as the place for singing the seven musical notes. The other halts included Leopoldskron lake ( where boating scene was picturised), the famous wedding chapel in Mondsee where our protagonists got married and so on. But for me, the highlight was the Gazebo at Hellbrunn palace where the remembrance of the song I am sixteen and the iconic kiss came back to life. It was, to say the least, romance personified.

This place was a riveting reminder of salsa in Salzburg with oodles of innocent sensuousness. After all, every one of us wants that one moment of first romance to remain forever! We completed this tour with hearts filled with all the songs from the iconic classics and eyes filled with the lovely locales. While walking back to our hotel, silence prevailed, not because we were tired,but because each one of us was trying to assimilate the experience forever in our memories.

I could hear the echoes... I go to the hills when my heart is lonely I know I will hear what I’ve heard before My heart will be blessed with the sound of music And I'll sing once more .... now I could relate to the lyrics even more. Next day began with another musical connotation. This one was about a monumental maestro, who in short span of his life immortalised operas.Yes! We visited the birthplace and residence of one and only Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, fondly known as Mozart. It is now converted into a museum.

You know the best part in this encounter, no cameras were allowed inside the museum.Yes!! So it was just Mozart and me, the music and me. Mesmerising!! I could feel the music gushing through each nerve of my body. As I passed each instrument, portrait, chronicle, memorabilia, the passion, conviction and melody behind each of his compositions was palpable. As one passes through every nook and corner, with the music in background, it is almost like the melodies are hugging you. Indeed, in Shakespearean words, where words fail, music speaks. I wanted to stay there forever. It was a feeling of finding oneself by losing to music. A moment of serendipity yet again. This was more about the feel, the texture, the essence of that place and more so ever a close rendezvous with the man himself, even if it was through his memoirs.

The souvenir shop at the exit added just the right dash of reminiscence to the experience and we bought a small piano shaped paper clip as a token of music and Mozart, which incidentally is holding the paper on which I am writing right now and smiling back at me. Infact the smile is urging the poet inside me to write a few lines about that feeling and I am not going to resist.

Harmony spreading wings in the air.. Rhapsody was being made unaware That was the power of the maverick Long after he is gone, you can feel his music I couldn't believe I was standing in the same place Where symphony was born with utmost finesse It felt like being one with that soulful era It felt like being part of that magnificent opera The feeling was magical.. beyond words Like release from cage of thousand birds.. It was like healing of an unnoticed wound For a moment, I felt like the radiant moon It was not just an ordinary travel tale But optimism donned in a musical veil It was an essence, exuberance called Mozart Can't help counting blessings,"danke Gott!" Summing the day up was the glittering evening. The city looked like a chandelier from one of the fairy tale castles. Its reflection in the Salzach river lit up the river like a crystal necklace.

The colours depicted melange of music, monuments and magnitude of the history of this city very effectively. Soon it was time to say sayonara to Salz and continue the journey to other destinations . This sojourn to Salzburg will always remain alive in my heart like a symphony just enough to stir the soul, just enough to create and re create the much needed sparkle to brighten up the spirits...

■ SALZBURG... Soulful Sojourn Into The World Of Symphony ● Gazebo from Hellbrunn palace park ( I am sixteen song) ● Majestic Alps, the Salzach river and the Austrian flag ● The famous castle from Sound of Music (PICS: DR SANDEEP KHANZODE)