They are brazen because they don’t have to pay

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Nov 2017 11:36:46






EVEN the traffic was moving at a snail’s pace and cars inched forward almost bumper-to-bumper, a young girl on her scooter, without a helmet but head and faced wrapped in a scarf tried to snake her way ahead between other vehicles. She was quite fast, and at one point lost control and dashed into the rear of a car. The car driver stopped and stepped out to see what damage the dash had caused to his car. The bumper had received a big dent, and the girl had fallen down, almost under the front wheels of the next car. She got up, looked terribly defiantly at the driver of the bumped car and tried to start her scooter.

The man asked her, “And who will pay for the damage?”
“What damage? Is this any damage?”, the girl shot back in a shrill voice.

“And, young lady, you have damaged your own vehicle also! Why do you ride so fast and so carelessly?”, the driver of the bumped car asked.
“You don’t have to worry about my scooter. My Father pays for it”, the girl said all the more defiantly.

Aghast, the driver got back into his car and moved on, obviously deeply worried about the damage to his car and also to his pride, thanks to the girl’s brazenness.
Such experiences are becoming everyday occurrences. Young people, boys and girls, in their teens are showing a shocking tendency to be brazen about everything in life. That particular girl was not bothered about the damage she caused to somebody’s car, nor was she worried about the damage her reckless-ness has caused to her own two-wheeler.

The reason was simple: For the car’s damage, the owner had to pay and not the girl. And for the scooter’s damage, her father had to pay and not the girl.
Once, the father of a girl who talked on the mobile phone for hours confronted her: “Child, do you realise what sort of
money do we have to pay for your phone bills? It is a huge amount.”
“But Dad, I have got a special plan for just a small sum. How can there be a big bill?”, the girl asked back sounding innocent.

Askance, the father replied, “But my child, there is a limit to any plan and once you cross that limit, then it is natural for us to get a huge bill to settle.”
“Non-sense!”, the girl shouted, least bothered about the burden on her father’s purse.

Such stories abound in our society today. Youngsters get all their luxuries like expensive two-wheelers or mobile phones sponsored by their parents -- naturally, of course -- and abuse those to the hilt. For, they do not have to pay for whatever the things cost. Their brazenness stems from the fact that they are not to pay for the facilities. And this brazenness shows in their conduct everywhere. Because they do not have to shell out hard-earned money, they are not bothered.

That is also the reason why they sit out at restaurants for hours downing cups of coffee and what not! They smoke countless numbers of cigarettes with the lowest price of Rs. 17/- apiece.

They also care a damn for their studies in most cases and get DC (Discontinued) in shockingly high numbers. And when parents remind them of their responsibility of proper conduct, they snap back, in effect saying, that they have become mature enough to take care of their life.

Shocked parents have no response to such a behaviour in most cases. This is because the kids have not learned the importance of responsible conduct when someone else is paying for their comforts. Presenting this for everybody’s consideration, I rest the case.