very good

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Nov 2017 12:51:12

THE Army has done a truly commendable job in Jammu and Kashmir. It has been able to eliminate as many as 80 terrorists in the past six months. Of course, there are a little more than a hundred ultras still active in the area. But the Army will be able to take care of that number as well, given the current rate of success. By any standard, this is a very good achievement on the part of the Army of which the nation must be proud. 

Counter-insurgency operations are not as easy as they might seem on the surface. It is not just picking up the gun and shooting. It involves a lot of advanced planning, a lot of patient Intelligence gathering, a lot of stalking the ultras, a lot of waiting in the bush, running a lot of risk of a bloody counter-attack, and a lot of willingness to make the highest sacrifice -- of life! These Ops also need a full support of the administration and the political will of the governmental leadership. Because all these factors operated, the Army could register a heartening rate of success in its anti-terrorist activities.

Of course, the success has not come because of a campaign as such. When the fight is against terrorists -- of any ilk -- then it involves a constant vigil over tiringly long stretches of time spanning years. The Army was able to mount such a vigil, thanks also to the political will that backed the action. In the process, sadly, the Army also lost some of its own personnel, but did not budge and continued the Ops in all seriousness. This doggedness was at the base of the great success the Army has registered in Jammu and Kashmir over the past six months.

Decidedly, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is far more complex than common man can even imagine. It has multiple facets that include political ones as well as social and security factors. There is also an involvement of the factor of foreign powers operating to destabilise India across the border. When these many factors are involved, counter-insurgency operations become equally complex and have to be handled with extreme care not to ruffle too many feathers. It must be noted that the Army has been able to tackle all these angles in a competent manner to achieve a truly commendable result.

The Army is candid enough to admit that there are -- 100-plus ultras still operating in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Obviously, it means that the counter-insurgency Ops will continue for quite some time. In other words, we will see the Army’s involvement in the activity in a big way for a long time. It is welcome. For, there is a well-founded belief across the country that if the Army is given a free hand in Kashmir, it would be able to tackle terrorism in a more efficient manner than the Police can achieve. Terrorism has become an unfortunate reality in Kashmir and the nation must tackle the menace effectively. When the Army is doing it well, then the activity must be continued.