CM canvasses in Chitrakoot

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2017 11:25:50

Staff Reporter,

Now, charges are flying thick and fast in the air in by-poll bound Assembly seat Chitrakoot as BJP and Congress are doing hectic canvassing and not leaving any stone unturned to target each other. In the meantime, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also jumped into the canvassing battlefield to create atmosphere in favour of BJP candidate and presence of CM has charged the political atmosphere in Chitrakoot.
On Sunday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan addressed series of public rallies, including in Mehuti, Jaithwara, Kutha, Nayagaon, Hirodi, Turra and Konia villages of Chitrakoot and also took part in roadshow. On this occasion, senior minister Rajendra Shukla, MP Ganesh Singh, ex MLA Surendra Singh Gaharwar and BJP candidate Shankardayal Tripathi were also present.

He reckoned various people-friendly schemes run by his Government and appealed voters to vote for party candidate Shankardayal Tripathi.
Addressing the public rally in Jaithwara, he said that, if voters give vote to party candidate Shankardayal Tripathi and ensure his victory, then all those development works, which have not been done so far, will be done in next ten months.

Citing his concern for welfare of farmers, he said that farmers’ welfare is the topmost priority of BJP. To ensure better prices for the agriculture produce, State Government started Bhavantar scheme and it is a historic step.
Assuring the farmers that Government is with them in the times of adversities like drought, natural calamity, he said that doors of development will open up if they bid adieu to Congress.

In the meantime, in presence of CM, independent candidate Pappu Sahu declared support to BJP candidate in by-poll of Chitrakoot seat. On Monday also, CM will address series of rallies in support of BJP candidate in Chitrakoot.