Clogged sewer lines, damaged roads causing big trouble for residents in Ward 29

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2017 10:55:36



By Arun Kumar,

Local residents in Nehru Nagar under ward number 29 have been facing problems including clogged sewer lines, open manholes and mounds of garbage on one side, and the fleet of garbage truck-up to their brim with trash, waiting endlessly. This sums up the current crisis in Nehru Nagar area of the State Capital. When there is no dearth of VVIPs and VIPs, what will be condition of other districts of the state despite clear message of the Government of India to pay more attention towards cleanliness of surroundings.

In Nehru Nagar area many religious programmes are held occasionally and political leaders participate in it but nobody gets time to see what civic problems are being faced by the residents of this ward. This time we saw galore of civic problems in ward No 29, which is represented by Corporator Jitendra Kansana, this area is come under the assembly segment of Umashankar Gupta who is Cabinet Minister. Major problem of residents in this colony is damaged roads that could not be properly repaired or new constructed.

But residents of this ward which have number of colonies and a big slum cluster also. There is drinking water problem, damaged roads and heaps of garbage spread at many places where the animals move freely.
Not only the area corporator, MLA or even the BMC officers even take trouble to see what problems the residents are facing for the last several years.

In Nehru Nagar every Wednesday, there is weekly haat is held where vendors from nearest villages or directly from the Mandis come to sell vegetables. Besides, the plastic ware and other cloths temporary shops are also seen. Vegetables said that, they are to sit on the heaps of garbage, near the open drains as they have no other option to arrange their shop.

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) whose workers charge Rs 10 to Rs 20 from each vendor during the day of Haat in Nehru Nagar but they cannot pay attention on the basic civic problems. One more reason of it is that the people made multistoried buildings on the single MIG quarters, while the Housing Board had made civic arrangements according to single MIG quarters. It might be one of the reasons to have drainage, sewage and heaps of garbage problems to the residents of Nehru Nagar. When BMC ignores their problems, the residents themselves get the urgent civic work done spending their on expenses.

Not only the air, but also the groundwater has shown signs of pollution beyond tolerable levels, they said. With the passing of the hundreds of trucks, the concrete road has also been damaged. The residents have been fighting against the same for several years and the MCT reportedly dodged a peaceful solution, which led to a virtual face-off between the bad roads irked residents.

Damaged road poses a threat to motorists at in Nehru Nagar and its nearby colonies. Problem is very severe in areas where underground drainage system (UGD) is existing. Due to UGD connections, the BMC did not construct the side drains for free flow of rainwater. Though there are side drains, due to lack of proper maintenance, the drains were seen blocked and a road from Nehru Nagar to P&T colony is indeed going through a worse scenario, as almost every drain on every single road is seen blocked and overflowing. BMC workers and even Public Works Department (PWD) made this road two times in the last five years but it is as it is; still it is not easy to walk the cycles, bikes or four wheelers from this road.

The underground drainage system is quite old and consequently, water-logging is seen on main roads causing hardships to the commuters. Just for a short spell of rain, the drain water is seen overflowing, along with the rainwater, emanating foul smell. Thanks to God, this time there was no more rains otherwise the colonies and roads’ condition might become the worst. Many bikers are become of accidents on this road. Residents of that area have been facing problems for a long time. Yet, there is no response from the VMC.

Not only residents of that particular area, but also pedestrians and commuters, who pass on that road, are suffering due to damaged roads. Two-wheelers are losing balance in the rainwater or in other seasons also, falling on the ground. Interestingly, many government officials do live in this area. Also around 7 to 10 hospitals are located on this road. But BMC officials have not laid the new road to check hardships of commuters. The residents are demanding that the BMC takes up repair works immediately to check problems.

What local residents say Rajesh Singh
Rajesh Singh said, that he was not happy with damaged roads. It is hard to drive vehicles and even hard to pedestrians to walk on such roads. Many complaints are made to the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) officers and even the Public Works Department (PWD) officers but nothing change has been seen there.

Bhanu Pratap Yadav
Bhanu Pratap Yadav said, there is no sports ground where our children can play. No proper space has been left by the Housing Board authorities for the residents of Nehru Nagar. Children are forced to play on the roads.

Nikhil Mahesh
Nikhil Mahesh also echoed the same, saying that he fears to walk on roads at the night where are few street lights are illuminate and most are remained closed. Even the aged people were many times fell down as they could not see the deep pits on roads at night.

Kamla Kanade
Kamla Kanade said that heaps of garbage are dumped just near her house, it is root cause of the diseases. We have several times complained to the civic authorities but they ignore our complaints. Anybody can see what is problem of heaps of garbage and how residents in different colonies of Nehru Nagar.

N K Agrawal
N K Agrawal said, the corporator constructed a park for the residents but heaps of garbage can be seen there so how one can enjoy the nature there. BMC workers do not come regularly to lift the heaps of garbage from all colonies in Ward No- 29.

SBS Rajput
SBS Rajput said, the BMC after much requests from the residents, constructed a water tank but it is always emptied. No water was ever seen in the water tank. We always told BMC workers that the water tank should be filled up daily so that those who cannot get potable water regularly from taps may get water from this water tank.

Kamlesh Yadav
Kamlesh Yadav had some complaints of open transformers inviting accidents barring the water, sewage and damaged roads. Residents said that they had complained to the nearby MPEB office but they ignored the complaints by giving assurance.

Sonilal Batham
Sonilal Batham said, “Heaps of garbage are laid in front of our houses, we even approached to the area corporator, she assured but this assurance has not yet been converted into reality. Still we face the garbage problem as BMC sanitation employees do not come to lift garbage regularly”.