Gangrape victim demands ‘death’ for culprits

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2017 10:52:17


Staff Reporter,

Four days after the sensational gang-rape incident that took place near Habibganj railway station on the eve of State’s Foundation Day and shocked all, the ‘Nirbhaya of Bhopal’, for the first time, came in front of mediapersons on Sunday and said that she wants all the four culprits to be hanged till death on square in front of public, adding that she will not settle for anything less than capital punishment.

Talking to mediapersons, the 19-year-old gang-rape victim said that what happened with her is a heinous crime therefore the culprits deserve nothing less than death penalty. She went on to say that such persons should be hanged publicly so that they can’t repeat the crime in future and others learn a lesson from it. These persons should not be allowed to live as if they roam free. They will prey on other girls as well. Hence, hey should be hanged or killed.

What happened next after the incident with her showed inhuman face of Police Department. She also criticized city police of being lethargic towards her call for help and the then SHO of GRP (Habibganj) termed her complaint as a filmy story and she went on to say that even when my parents are in Police Department, she had to run from pillar to post to get her complaint registered, then what a common man would be facing. The girl, talking to media, further said that the police of MP Nagar visited the spot and later, refused to lodge her complaint citing the limitations of their area and suggested them to approach Habibganj police station.

If a gang-rape victim is approaching police and then, she and her family is forced to move from one police station to another police station, then how can one expect justice.
When, on our way to Habibganj police station, we spotted one of the accused Golu Bihari and nabbed the accused and handed him over to police, then also, police was reluctant to file the case. There was a nearby slum and when we went inside, searching for the accused, we found him playing cards and it was then I identified him and my father caught hold of him. When we caught him, his fellow slum dwellers tried to attack us and were unwilling to allow us to take him with us. Anyhow, when we nabbed him and produced him in the police station, then also, the GRP did not file the complaint, she said.

She also levelled allegations of being insolent on the SHO of GRP Mohit Saxena and said that only Habibganj police was cooperating with us and helped us at the time in getting the case registered. She praised the approach of SHO Habibganj Ravindra Yadav whom only she found of supportive nature. She also condemned SP (Rail) Anita Malviya, saying that, how could she be so insensitive over such heinous crime despite being a woman. Notably, SP Malviya was seen in a video describing the incident in a comic manner, saying had I am fed up of repeated calls and queries regarding gang-rape incident and now had a headache due to this. The video went viral on media, which was then roundly criticized. Police crackdown on miscreants: Taking a lesson from the sensational gang-rape incident, police started crackdown on anti-social elements in the Stasste capital and intensified vigil in parks, coaching institutes and near railway tracks in MP Nagar locality.

On Sunday, a joint team of MP Nagar police and Crime Branch reached several parks and caught 12 suspicious persons roaming in Chinar Park. On the basis of suspicion, people were caught and asked to present their ID-cards and in case, they failed to furnish and unable to provide satisfactory answer regarding their presence in the park, they were taken to police station.