Actor Rajeev makes a comeback in TV, whereas destiny makes Tanvi an actress

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Nov 2017 11:26:20


By Shaily Acharya,

Television actor Rajeev Paul, who has done a comeback after long in the show “Jiji Maa” and actress Tanvi Dogra, who believes it was her all luck by chance getting a lead in the show were in city to promote their show.
Narrating the story in brief they told, “it is a heartfelt story of two sisters ‘Falguni Purohit and Niyati Purohit’, who hail from Jaipur. Falguni (Tanvi), the elder sister is an epitome of love and sacrifice who will wholeheartedly stand the test of time laid down by Uttaradevi Rawat, the antagonist of the show. Falguni will be in the line of fire for her little sister Niyati without a blink. Rajeev will be playing Uttaradevi’s husband’s role.”

Television actors Rajeev Paul and Tanvi Dogra visited City of Lakes for their show’s promotion. Having conversation with ‘The Hitavada’, actor Rajeev says:

Q: What made you come after a long on the television?
A: I have been working since long, after a gap this is my eighth show and I could not stop me from saying, ‘Yes’ for the character ‘Jayant Rawat’ when it was approached to me. Actually the character was so foodie and fatty but then it was changed later seeing my personality and was made fitness freak. The first question which I asked was “Kya is show main makkhi, bichhu ya aatma toh ni batayenge na?”(in sarcastic manner).

Q: As if now, every show is showing almost the similar array of emotions, how this show stands different?
A: I agree that these days, similar type of stories with emotions is being shown on television. But, our show is different where there will not only be so much of negativity but there will be more essence of love, happiness, relations and sacrifice.

Q: Do you think, films give more stardom and platform than television?
A: No, I don’t agree because television and films give almost similar stardom. Hardly there could be a difference in television and films.

Q: Being a reality show ‘Big Boss’ Season 6 contestant, what is your take on this season
A: Nothing has been changed till now as still there are some contenders in the show (I would not like to reveal name) who should not come into the show. My experience of doing the reality show with famous actor Salman Khan was tremendous. I had gone to hi show, now will give warm welcome to him for my show for his film’s promotion.
While talking to ‘The Hitavada’, TV actress Tanvi says:

Q: How about coming from engineering background to this industry?
A: “It is all luck by chance”, I would say. This was written in my destiny. My friend in production line called me for an audition, firstly I denied but later I sent an audition through phone and luckily got selected for serial “Saasu Maa” then gave audition for this show. Actually, I gave audition for younger sister but was selected for the elder one. This is my debut lead role in the show and really exciting for me.
A: Is character Falguni similar to Tanvi to any context?
A: There are so many similarities in character Falguni and me regarding the behaviour and love towards my sibling. There is instant connection as I also lost my mom last year and so is in the show. So, as I take care of my younger brother and in the show Falguni does so.

Q: Have you done any acting workshops?
A: No, I did not get time but will definitely do in the future after the show to enhance my acting skills. If got chance, so would try in theatre too.

Q: If got chance in films, with whom would you like to share screen?
A: I am big fan of actor Ranbir Kapoor so would like to meet him once.