Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Nov 2017 11:23:42

ALL eyes are fixed on the global climate change talks being held in Bonn, Germany, and the outcome of the churning that will take place among the world leaders during the 12-day discussion on the subject that will have a bearing on the lives of all the people living on this planet. Though Prime Minister of Fiji Mr. Frank Bainimarama has set the tone of the summit by appealing to nations to take urgent action on the commitments made in the Paris treaty to cut global temperature by two degrees Celsius in less than three years, pulling out of the US from the Paris pact, and cancelling USD 2.5 billion aid granted by Mr. Barack Obama, has cast a dark shadow over the summit. The US action was unfortunate as industrially developed nations are the greatest polluters and thus have a greater responsibility to undo the damage. Nevertheless, world leaders are aware of the dangers posed to the mankind by global warming, which has led to devastating floods, fires, droughts, thereby threatening the food security. They should not waiver from meeting the goal come what may.


THE observation of the honourable Delhi High Court that the election of Mr. Praful Patel as President of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) is in violation of Sports Code and Model Guidelines, indicates the extent to which sports politics has declined. Even as he contested the election and was sure of his own victory, Mr. Patel had been told to stay within the framework of Sports Code and Model Guidelines that were available for a proper conduct of organisational issues faced by sports bodies. In fact, such situations were available also in other sports disciplines. Despite full awareness of the violations, most sports associations at the national level continued with their political activity to take command of plum postings that had the capacity of yielding parallel and unofficial benefits to individuals. Now, however, things have come out in the open with the Delhi High Court observing in no uncertain terms that Mr. Patel’s election as the chief of AIFF violates all norms. Now, where do we go from here, Mr. Patel?