There is no place for violence in State: Netam

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Nov 2017 10:48:21


By Raja Das,


People of Chhattisgarh are peace loving and they do not believe in politics of conspiracy. Whatever has been happening politically in the last few weeks in the State has not gone down well with the people. People of the State believe in politics of consciousness and ideologue that is what the BJP has stood for, stated Ramvichar Netam, National President, Scheduled Tribe Cell of Bharatiya Janata Party. Vehemently criticising the clash between Congress and BJP party workers on Wednesday, the Rajya Sabha member said, ‘there is no place for violence in Chhattisgarh, which is peace loving state’.

In an exclusive interview with The Hitavada, the BJP ST Cell National President said such type of incident is not acceptable in the Chhattisgarhi culture. In democracy also, it is not tolerable. People here are very simple and straight forward and there is a very good social harmony in the State.

In politics and elections, allegations and counter-allegations are part and parcel but such violence is definitely not acceptable. He said the Congress workers threw ink in the regional office of BJP, what message they want to give through violence and other activities. Deliberately inducing for violent activities is not good and should be vehemently criticised. Netam said BJP led government will be completing its third tenure next year and the people are very confident and rely on this government’s performance. There is positivity among the people for state government and its leadership. Answering a query whether he would be contesting Assembly elections due next year, Netam said he is a disciplined party worker.

Presently, party has given him responsibility to build up party base among Schedule Tribe community all over the country and he is carrying on the responsibility given by the party to him. If the party asks him to contest elections he will do so. He has no personal choices and whatever he does is based on party’s directive and instructions from the leadership.

Answering a query on his view on the demand for Tribal leadership in the State, Netam said individually anyone can have aspirations and views but so far as BJP is concerned it is for its Parliamentary Committee and the BJP Legislative Party to decide on the state leadership. He added that the party organisation keeps on appraising itself with the development both political and otherwise, and accordingly gives directives on leadership.

Talking about demonetization, Netam said that in the beginning there was fear what may happen after demonetisation as people were not aware about the larger benefits of the move. Traditionally Indian psyche do not like interference of any kind and level so there was some irritations however, the step has been taken in the interest of the country. Earlier, the money had no ownership, but once all the money got deposited in banks, it got ownership and thus the tax base of the country increased. Still today shell companies are functioning and there is evasion of taxes but slowly all will end.

Netam was highly critical of people who were indulged in misusing government welfare schemes. Pointing to misuse of Smart Card, Netam said the state government with a good intention has provided a facility of free health care to its citizens to a limit of Rs 50,000 per annum. However, it has been seen often that poor people, who generally are the beneficiaries of this scheme, are tricked by private hospitals and their money get siphoned out. Such people who are indulged in such activities should be severely punished, he opined. Netam however praised government schemes like Jan Dhan Yojna, Prime Minister Housing Schemes, MGNREGS etc and said with the introduction of such scheme benefits are directly being transferred to the bank accounts of beneficiaries. He said emphasis should be given on raising awareness among the beneficiaries so that they can reap the optimum benefits of these schemes.