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COMMERCE and Industry Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu has done well by holding up a mirror to the US, which had walked away from the Paris agreement on climate change, by stating that India has not caused climate change but is its victim. US President Mr. Donald Trump had revoked the promise made by his predecessor Mr. Barack Obama, who had pledged a huge sum to poor nations to help them reduce carbon emission. Mr. Trump alleged that the deal was anti-US and pro- developing nations like India and thus walked away. At the recent climate summit at Bonn in Germany, the focus thus was on raising finances to achieve the goal of reducing global temperature by two degrees Celsius by 2020. Besides, all the countries have resolved to strive to achieve the target. It is unfortunate that the rich nations, who have exploited the planet’s resources to the hilt and were the biggest contributors to pollution, are crying hoarse. On the other hand, developing nations are behaving responsibly. It’s time the US changes its stand in the interest of all.

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That women have stepped out of the home and are now an integral part of workplaces is no news. In fact, as per reports, women make up 40 per cent or more of the work force in many countries. This statistic indicates the substantial contribution women are making to the world economy. In India too, the presence of women in almost all professions has grown exponentially in the last few decades. One factor that has helped women to move out or even work from homes has been rapid growth and access to technology. But sadly, the issues that hinder their growth have still not been addressed, not just in India, but also in developed nations around the world. US President Mr. Donald Trump’s daughter and advisor, Ivanka has talked about the need for policies that help women’s participation in the work force. And this demand comes at a right time as almost all developing nations are realising the importance of equal contribution of both genders in the economy. Need of the hour is to boost woman power in our economy with right institutional, legal and social support.