Back-to-back development work testing patience of Abhyankar Nagar residents

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Dec 2017 09:23:41


Staff Reporter,

Since last fortnight one side of the stretch from Shraddhanandpeth Square to VNIT, already a narrow road, has been dug-up causing severe inconvenience to road users


Residents of Abhyankar Nagar in South West Nagpur Assembly segment are fed-up with ongoing development work which is causing severe inconvenience to road users. A portion of road from Shraddhanandpeth Square till VNIT gate has been dug-up since last fortnight and yet the work is not completed. The width of the road is quite narrow and there is heavy vehicular traffic movement which has resulted in many minor mishaps, said the people.

One Prasad Pitale who resides on the main road said that first the road was dug-up to lay the pipeline and the work stretch for a week. Now again the road on same side is again dug-up for laying underground electricity cable. We are frustrated as it has become difficult to enter our houses or even park the vehicles as the road has not been levelled up even after laying the cable, he said.

This particular stretch also has a bank and for pensioners it was a challenge to visit the branch as big boulders and uneven road rendered it dangerous. But for them there was little choice as in month of November they have to visit the bank for submitting life certificates and hence it was a very heart rending scenes to witness the senior citizens finding it difficult to visit the bank, Pitale further said.

Further this particular stretch is now a busy business hub and very few number of houses have remained there. So the number of visitors to the shops are also facing trouble as the narrow road and lack of paved road means it is difficult to find parking space and remain unhurt while going past the dug-up road. During rush morning hours, especially the office time and in evening the narrow road shrinks further giving hell of a time for vehicle users and results in pile-up near the Shraddhanandpeth Square.

The people also said that in addition to these a number of hawkers line-up on either side of the road which further increased the problem. Pitale said they talked to the contractor and urged him to speed-up the work but nothing moved and they even took-up the matter with elected representatives but it too did not help.

Pitale at the outset clarified that they are not against development but he said there should be some time limit to its completion. The work cannot go on and on testing citizens patience and it also wrong to expose the road users to danger.