Shocking: MP remains on top in rape cases: NCRB

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Dec 2017 12:11:01


Rajan Raikwar,

Even as the Madhya Pradesh Government was making all efforts to get rid of shame it faced due to recent Bhopal gangrape case, National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report released on Thursday says that Madhya Pradesh is having highest number of rape cases in country.

According to the NCRB report, as many as 4882 cases of rape were registered in Madhya Pradesh in 2016 and this is the highest number of rape cases registered by any state of the country. After Madhya Pradesh, it is Uttar Pradesh which is on second position in rape cases. It has registered 4816 rape cases. Rajasthan comes on third number with 3656 rape cases.

As far as Madhya Pradesh is concerned then out of 4882 rape cases, 39 victims are below 6 years age, 153 victims are either 6 years or above below twelve years, 964 victims are 12 years and above below 12 years, 1323 victims are 16 years and above below 18 years and total number of girl child victim are 2479. As many as 1790 victims are 18 years and above below 30 years and 545 victims are 30 years and above below 45 years. Shockingly, 8 victims are 60 years and above 60 years.

Mizoram is having least 26 cases of rape across the country. The report further says that out of 4882 rape cases, number of cases in which offenders were known to victim stands at 4789.

In 1115 cases, victims were raped by neighbours and in 157 cases, victims were raped by relatives and in 108 cases, victims were raped by close family members. Under the head crime against women in metropolitan cities, as many as 1055 cases have been reported from Indore. In this category, Delhi is on first position with 13803 cases. Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh is one of the states which had highest number of cases under crime against children. MP registered 13746 cases of crime against children in 2016. Uttar Pradesh is on first position in this category with 16079 cases. Madhya Pradesh also figures in top position in the category of crime committed by juvenile. In 2016, MP registered 7369 cases in this category.