Why should life be such a thoughtless affair

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Dec 2017 09:46:46




IT WAS around seven in the morning when a car had just entered the premises of a housing complex on Amravati Road in Nagpur. Its rear wheels were still out of the gate when a frighteningly fast driving mobike rider crashed into the rear left wheel of the car. The car stopped. The car owner and his wife got out to see what had hit their car. All they, and also a few others who gathered there, saw was a young man sprawling on the road trying to get up. His mobike’s front wheel and headlight and other utilities had got fragmented into a million pieces. He was wearing a helmet all right and fortunately and miraculously was not hurt. He got up and said sheepishly, “I was in a hurry.” 

It was obvious that he was in a tearing hurry to reach wherever he wanted to go. But after the crash, he certainly got delayed beyond any justification. Had he driven a little less fast, had he been more careful, he would not have met with the accident. True, he got saved providentially, but he came close to getting killed instantly in that terrible crash. The car, too, suffered a major damage and the owner would be needed to spend quite some money to get it repaired.

This incident, likes of which take place by the hundred every day all over the country, should be treated as a point to start thinking seriously about life of young people. When we see thousands of young people, boys and girls, men and women, drive recklessly, we wonder what pushes them into such a hurry. A deeper thought leads to a possible interpretation -- which may be right or which may not be right.

There is every reason to suspect that that young man did not sleep well in the night because he spent a lot of time on internet or social media or even worse on some dirty websites that engage the visitor in absolute filth. So, after having gone to bed too late in the night, the young man might have got up with a start too late in the morning. So, he must have got ready terribly hurriedly and got onto his mobike in order to reach his destination in just a few minutes. The crash took place when he did not notice the car and just crashed into its rear left wheel.

There could be other reasons, as well, for the man’s delayed start from home. Whatever those reasons may be, it is obvious that countless young people are yet to learn the importance of backward time management. If a young person has to reach a place five kilometers away at 7 a.m., then he must give at least half hour for the journey. And then he must also give at least one hour before start of that journey to get up and get ready and have at least a cup of tea or milk. So, for a 7 a.m. appointment, he must get up at least at 5:30 a.m.

This is called backward time management. And it is exactly the thing our young people do not seem to know. That is the reason they are always in a hurry. That is why they are risking their lives and also those of other people all the time. But they don’t seem to bother. They also don’t seem to listen to the wise counsel of their elders in the house to go to bed early and get up early, for example, so that they do not have to indulge in mad rushing. This is the usual experience with most young people, boys and girls, men and women.

In fact, the young people should understand the importance of thoughtful, purposeful living so that they eliminate last-minute rushing, and lots of other inconveniences that often make their lives miserable. They may not notice this difficulty at this point of their lives, but they may suffer in the long run. That is the reason for this word of caution.