Being One with Universe!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Dec 2017 12:11:21





By Vijay Phanshikar,

NASA Astronaut Jack David Fischer has said that space gives a sense of humbleness and spirituality. ... “The sight of the boundaryless Universe with its innumerable astronomical bodies and movements make us feel how small and insignificant we are in this endless ocean,” he said.

- A Press Trust of India report from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

EVERY astronaut has sensed this emotion -- of endless vastness and their own smallness, of a boundaryless Universe whose measure none has ever been able to take.
Space! That limitless, that dimensionless vastness of which our Mother Earth and her residents like us are only a terribly small part, just a speck, just a dot! It is only natural that Space makes the astronauts feel very small and humble. But Jack David Fischer has added yet another dimension to that emotion -- spirituality.

This is a critical word -- spirituality, meaning a sense of being part of the spirit of the Universe! To ancient Indians, this experience with Space was not alien. They had a strong sense of Space as such and also their integrity with that entity. They understood the spirit of Space and also realised their inseparable connect with its vastness.

True, ancient Indian sciences did talk of vastness of outer Space. They were also the ones who could hear what the NASA scientists call “Sound of the Sun”, and acknowledge that the ancient Indian had heard that sound -- Aum!!!!!
Subsequent experiments conducted by NASA have proved that Sun does emit that sound -- Aum!!!!!! -- and it can be heard, though with the help of machines. Ancient Indians heard that sound in their mind’s space.

Mind’s space!
Yes, that is another part of the reality of our being, the inner space, the limitless vastness that is housed inside us, in our inner being.

To many, this may sound abstract or occult or even odd.
But just close your eyes and start watching the inner dark space that evolves in front of your mind’s eye. After a while of stillness, you would certainly realise that there is a very vast, unfathomable space within. And in that inner space, as happens in the outer physical space, you can notice dots of bright light assuming different shapes and sizes that occupy the total inner vastness whose depth one cannot imagine.

Those bright spots of light assume different colours, different shapes, move in galactic
patterns, converge, collide, explode, move away, move towards one another in terrible speed and crash forming unimaginable patterns of trillions of small dots.

And there also comes a time when there is nothing in front of our mind’s eye -- total blankness, totally colourless space. Seekers of spirituality often experience a few repetitive colours exploding in the inner space -- plain white, a little yellowish and golden hue, saffron, red tinged with yellow or green. But the coolest of all the shades in electric blue which has a tendency to fill the inner sky in an overwhelming manner.

This dance of colours in the inner space also gives one a sense of smallness, of being insignificant in stature. Yet, this dance of colours also gives the seekers of spiritual experience a very magnanimous feeling of being one with the Universe. It is at that juncture that one loses the distinction between the outer and inner space. And that is the ultimate of spiritual experience.

To that end, meditation is expected to move, to get directed. The astronaut may get the feeling of humbleness after watching the physical celestial scene and also a sense of being insignificant.

The seeker of spiritual experience also does have a similar feeling -- except that of insignificance. For, in that ultimate state of universal oneness, the seeker of spiritual experience gets the feeling that he is One with the Universe:
Aham Brahmasmi (I Am Brahma);
Tat Tvam Asi (You Are ‘That’) ....!