Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Dec 2017 12:09:04











Not a single day passes without news of a molestation or rape, sometimes multiple, in the media. And there are many more which are not reported at all. When the victim is a known face, the circus gets noisier. ‘Dangal’ actress Zaira Wasim was touched inappropriately by a co-passenger in a flight. She narrated her ordeal live on social media and the furore that followed led to the arrest of the accused, a corporate professional. What rankles the most is that if a ‘celebrity’ is not safe in ‘business class’ of a ‘flight’ with ‘educated well-to-do’ travellers, then what can women on the streets, in buses, autos or trains, expect? It is largely believed that men who indulge in such vulgar, crass behaviour are uncultured and uneducated. But here the perpetrator is an educated family man. So what emboldens a man to behave in such a manner risking his name, reputation and career? Probably the regressive mentality that the victim will tolerate it and not have the courage to speak out and seek justice. But this thought has to change as women have started to speak up.


VICE President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has very rightly said that Google cannot replace Guru. He said a Guru not only gives academic lessons to his wards but also gives insight into life’s journey. Google can at best give a person some needed information and provide required data at the press of the key but it cannot give foresight which the Guru is equipped to do and is supposed to impart to his students. The role of the Guru in opening the minds of his students to the outside world and imparting wisdom is irreplaceable by any other means, least of all electronic devices. The Vice-President’s assertion that Google cannot replace the Guru comes because there is increasing tendency among the teacher and the taught to look to the Internet for information and knowledge, thereby the teaching community is making the students dependent on an impersonal medium for acquiring knowledge. Mr. Naidu rightly stresses the role of the Guru in shaping the personality of a student which role the internet cannot be assigned to play in a person’s life.