real call

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Dec 2017 11:45:24

EVEN as India, Russia and China agree to keep Afghanistan as an area of peace where the local people should be allowed to lead their own developmental process, the stark difference between the styles of the three countries while dealing with similar situations will come into play and decide the future trajectory of the developmental and nation-building process. It is more than obvious that India will have to play a greater and more active role in Afghanistan in the next couple of decades so that the country battered by terrorism and violence and destruction of an extreme order gets the opportunity to shape its own future. 

One of the strongest corner-stones of India’s developmental diplomacy is that India never tries to dominate the resource base and political action in the country under consideration. India has often allowed the native component to play a key role in decision-making. India often insists that the natives should make their own developmental decisions and plan their own agenda of progress. India lends its support, but does not claim the dominance of the local resources of that country. India also does not dabble in native politics at all and allows the political process to go unhindered and led by the natives. India also does not use its military superiority while handling the issues of the country. It is because of these reasons that India is becoming a popular and acceptable developmental partner in many countries.

China operates exactly on an opposite premise. It wants a dominance of the local resources of the country under consideration, economically, politically and militarily. Its track record on developmental front has been one filled with suspect intentions, leading many countries to feel rather concerned about the Chinese agenda.

Russia has a mixed approach, but has a tendency to dominate the developmental process with superior economy and military power, almost more or less on similar lines as China. The Russian involvement in Afghanistan earlier has been disastrous from multiple angles. The world knows that Russia and the United States played quite undesirable roles in Afghanistan and are not welcome there in a true sense.

It is against this background that India will have to play an active role in the cause of Afghanistan’s reconstruction. The Afghans have often welcomed the Indian involvement in their developmental process. They have appreciated the tone and tenor of India’s diplomacy and feel a sense of togetherness with India. In view of the future of international realpolitic in the region, India will have to push its developmental agenda more assertively so that it has Afghanistan on its side.

Though China and Russia have joined hands with India on the surface, it is essential that India speeds up its involvement in Afghanistan so that the country gets a real taste of true development -- beyond diplomatic or military dominance. India’s effort is obvious while engaging Russia and China in the effort. The purpose is to keep both these strong neighbours positively oriented towards the Indian action. To a large extent, the recent New delhi diplomacy will help in this purpose.

Afghanistan is a classic case of how a country gets destroyed almost due to political violence and terrorism of the worst order through Taliban. Yet, it is laudable that it is now talking assertively of a developmental language and wants to rebuild its destroyed resource-base and also train its human resource to take charge of its own developmental issues. India has a big role to play in this effort. Given its unobtrusive style, there is every reason to believe that the Afghans would prefer India to other nations in promoting their developmental dream.