Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Dec 2017 11:52:21

ONCE Emperor Akbar became very angry at his favourite minister Birbal. He asked Birbal to leave the kingdom. Accepting the command, Birbal left the kingdom and started working in a farmer’s farm under a different identity.

As months passed, Akbar started to miss Birbal. So Akbar sent his soldiers to find Birbal, but they failed to find him. Akbar finally found a trick. He sent a message to the head of every village to send a pot full of the wit. If the pot full of wit cannot be sent, fill the pot with jewels. This message also reached Birbal. All started talking about what to do now? Birbal who was sitting among the villagers said, “Give me the pot, I will fill the wit in one month’s end”. Everyone trusted Birbal.

He had planted watermelons. He selected a small watermelon and without cutting it from the plant, he put that in the pot. Within a few days, the watermelon grew into a pot so much that it was impossible to get it out of the pot. Birbal then cut the watermelon from the vine. Later, he sent the pot to Emperor Akbar with a message that “Please remove the wit without cutting it from the pot and without breaking the pot”. Akbar watched the watermelon in the pot and realised that this can only be Birbal’s work. Don’t hasten the decision. Think hard to find a solution for the strangest situations.