Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Dec 2017 12:36:21










WHEN he completed his first hundred in 115 balls Rohit Sharma did not look like reaching his next landmark that would be world record. But such is the Mumbaikar’s way of demolishing the opposition, it is hard to believe that the man can turn into a marauder of bowling on his day. At the completion of his first hundred nobody imagined that Rohit would launch into an onslaught. But that is how he builds up his innings; assessing the opposition, the conditions and then go on an overdrive. That his next 100 came in a mere 36 balls, raining a dozen towering sixes and 13 scintillating boundaries, speaks of his phenomenal abilities and talent. He himself has admitted that he is a slow starter, of course by his own standards, which he has raised pretty high, and has been evident on many occasions. Such a bubbling talent cannot remain a specialist in only one format. Rohit has to seal his place in Test cricket also. He is a hardworking disciplinarian and would certainly make efforts to cement his place in Test cricket as well.


NO MATTER the unnecessary controversy whether Ram Setu between India and Sri Lanka is a man-made structure or not, an American Science Channel has confirmed that it is not a natural rock formation in the sea. What the channel has now confirmed on the basis of various scientific findings, however, has always been known to the Indians as a bridge built by Lord Ram’s army when it sought to cross the sea to liberate Sita from the clutches of Ravana. Some people in India, however, have been rather apologetic about this since they do not believe that Lord Ram was a historical personage. Their reservations do not make much difference to the historical reality. It is actually very surprising that some people reject history assiduously for no obvious reasons. For the millions of average Indians, Lord Ram was a historical personality who created an ideal kingdom and represented best of human virtues. Ram Setu was his creation when he led his armies to Lanka. The American channel’s finding has made millions of Indians happy.