Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Dec 2017 12:36:13









LONG queues at bank counters for withdrawing cash have vanished, thanks to Automated Teller Machine (ATM), which does the job in a jiffy and that too 24x7. ATMs have brought in a revolution in the banking system, because of the convenience it provided to the people as they were spared of the trouble of going to banks and waiting patiently for their turn to come to collect the money. ATMs come handy during emergencies and long distance travel as one does not have to carry huge cash while on the move. Unfortunately, some people have an uncanny knack of deliberately ruining whatever is good for the masses. Such pervert minds started looting vans carrying cash to the ATMs, forcing the Government to discontinue replenishing ATMs with cash after 9 pm. The decision, taken from safety point of view, will certainly hit the people hard, who will have to prepare themselves to come across ‘no cash’ sign-boards at ATMs quite often now. This is a sad commentary on the behaviour of some of the people in the society. Can a nation make rapid progress with such sick-minded people?


FORMER cricket legend Sourav Ganguly, who also heads the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), has made a strong case in favour of day-night cricket Test matches as an inevitability of the future. Five-day Test matches played during the day do not attract people in good numbers. This is a world-wide phenomenon, and everybody is trying to find ways and means to circumvent the problem. Sourav Ganguly has joined those who have been advocating a day-night game in Test matches when people would be able to spare time in the evenings to watch the play. ‘A pink ball would replace the red cherry, and the game’s changed timings would attract people to experience the novelty of a different ball and different environs,’ Ganguly has suggested. When a man of his stature makes a strong pitch in favour of certain method, the world listens. In this particular case, the world will listen to him more seriously as he has felt that day-night Test games would be a good answer to poor turnouts during the day games. Making a beginning would be a good idea.