Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Dec 2017 11:42:37

MRS. Sonia Gandhi, while handing over the charge of Congress President to her son Mr. Rahul Gandhi, raised the oft-repeated specter of ‘communal forces raising their heads’, and appealed to the party cadre to be ready for any sacrifice to stop them. And, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, in his acceptance speech, has also accused the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party of ‘spreading hatred and fire of violence’ across the country, while assuring the people to counter the ‘hate campaign’ with ‘love’. The speeches of both the leaders of the ‘grand old party’, however, sounded hollow.

Because, while in power, Congress was habitual in playing communal card during elections to stay in power. Thus, the assault launched by both the top leaders of the Congress on the Bharatiya Janata Party will hardly make any impact. The nation, in fact, expected some sane words from them on the historic day for the party, and, unraveling of a roadmap for the future. However, the speeches of both the leaders were without any substance.

It’s surprising that the Congress party has not learned any lessons from its dismal performance at the hustings in the past. And the speeches made by Mrs. Sonia and Mr. Rahul indicated that the party was not in a mood to learn any lessons even now. The Congress leadership needs to introspect and find out reasons behind the party’s shrinking presence across the country. It is pitiable that the ‘grand old party’ which once had a pan-India presence, has remained restricted to only some pockets. And, the party leaders have to blame themselves for it. Instead of blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress leaders must look inward and take corrective steps urgently.

Congress must try to understand why Mr. Narendra Modi-led BJP got a massive mandate in the last Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. Why the people have rejected the Congress if it was so virtuous and wedded to the cause of the people? The fault lies not with the BJP, or the people, but squarely with the Congress leadership itself. Its Government had failed to deliver on all counts. It was paralysed totally as there was no decision-making and accountability. Ministers brazenly looted the nation’s wealth as the countrymen suffered. The people had lost their faith in the Congress leadership, which was duly reflected in the elections.

On the hand, the NDA Government that took over the reins from the UPA, took path-breaking decisions to cleanse the system of corruption, bringing in economic reforms and restoring the image of the country abroad. The BJP was thus rewarded by the people with poll victories. It’s time the Congress leadership works really hard to regain party’s lost glory. Because, a strong Opposition is must for a healthy democracy.