Developing analytical skills for Success

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Dec 2017 12:51:26


By ramesh batlish,

As per the new standards, Class XII board performance has gained supreme importance for getting admissions into the nation’s top engineering colleges including IIT. The aspirant needs to be in the top 20 percentile list of the respective XII board along with the need to clearing JEE Advanced exams in merit. The decision to include 40% weightage of Class XII board was a result due to the fact that many students gave less focus to it and spent their energy for engineering preparation. Such students were found to be topping the JEE Advanced exams but had only average marks in the Class XII. To have a proper balance between these two exams, the decision was taken to add some weightage. Since the entry barriers have become tougher to enter the prestigious institutes, what is the right time to start preparing for IIT’s?

With the burden of assignments, special coaching and rushing for tuitions the student feels pressurised and is left with no time for self study and conceptualisation. This has put enormous burden on the young shoulders and to overcome the same, many leading institutes have come up with the idea of integrating the two processes. To help students achieve their best academic potentials, the new innovation in teaching and mentoring is being provided by FIITJEE, known as the Junior science colleges.

What is the right time to start preparing for JEE?
Along with the knowledge of subjects, JEE also tests the analytical skills to the same extent and by starting to prepare from the right time succeed by channelising their capacity. With the increasing competition every year, students have started becoming conscious to start early preparations. With the feedback given by successful candidate, coaching institutes have started training students as early as from Class IX. As there is a major shift in the curriculum from Class XI & XII, special courses helps the students to balance the studies for engineering as well. The following benefits make them at an added advantage for students with early preparation -

l Sharpens the analytical skills of the students from an early age.
l Develops critical thinking to acquire an edge over their counterparts.
l Career planning is one such direction provided by the courses that helps them understand the importance of early preparations.
l Early preparations help in brushing up the analytical skills which cannot be done through any subject in school.

Though students should not be pressurized from class 6th but also should not wait until 11th as well. The proper time to start IIT preparation should be from class 9th. The following reasons will make a clear understanding.
Build an approach while pressure is less – Usually the pressure point is triggered since the beginning of X standard, while a student entering Class IX is never surrounded by any pressure. As the students in IX have better understanding, the basics and fundamentals can be taught only to build an approach for the future, as they may not be able to grasp XI or XII syllabus.

Students are serious about their future – Class IX is at such an age that most of the students have already decided what career option they want to choose. Parents, not by pressurizing, but by helping and supporting them can mould their career better. Even though they may lack understanding of the importance of competitive exams, with guidance they will be at a better position later on in the path of their preparation.

Availability of free time – in comparison to senior counterparts, IX std students have much more free time available, which can be used for the better. A proper schedule and planning can help get enough time to prepare for competitive exams after excluding their relaxation time.

How to start planning?

With only two chances available for entering the IIT’s, not all the students can take a chance to start preparing in XI and drop a year. So it is advisable to start early by IX to achieve the desired success in JEE. Not to forget that on one hand it is mandatory to make the students aware of the competition ahead should never take a toll on their psyche on the other hand. The following tips will be helpful for early preparations to ease future stress while preparing for JEE –
Focus on board syllabus – the base to board exams and any competitive exams comes from the study material of school books. Many a times students may feel that they already know what is going to be taught in terms of board preparations, but they should be aware of it and take it as a revision and attend classes. Students should know to balance between the class X board and the competitive material while the boards are nearing.

Enroll yourself with a renowned institute – Simply getting the competitive material for self study during class IX will only put the student stunned and lack of motivation will only end up in withdrawing from the same. It is hence advised to join a reputed institute for coaching that manages the flexibility to be given for both the preparations equally. Expertise in JEE preparation helps students to develop their essential skills and refine them as needed on time.

Plan your leisure time – It will be a burden for a Class IX student to suddenly stop all leisure (playing, friends etc) at once and get involved in preparing for competitions. As they are still naïve and require time for relaxation, with time, they will automatically understand the criticality of the undergoing course. The additional time taken is to get them in regular practice, rather than enforcing upon them with huge responsibility.
(The author is JEE Expert, FIITJEE)