Pros and cons of selfie feature, social sites

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Dec 2017 11:59:48


By Jagrati Khanna,

New ‘virtual world’ came into existence after so many social networking sites were introduced. There is already a new world found inside mobile phones. Today’s youth are more active in this virtual social world rather than in real life. They are eager to share every moment on social sites for popularity and ‘Likes’ and who are not doing so are judged boring and backward. Youths are even risking their lives to get praised by their so-called social media friends. Phone cameras generated new employment opportunities for active users. People can now earn through YouTube videos and mobile films. Recently, a live video streamed on Facebook, where eight friends were riding in a boat during a picnic in Nagpur but suddenly the frolic turned into a tragedy after boys drowned into Nagoa beach. Such fatal incidents signify craze of selfies amongst youth. Since mobile phones are gadgets held in hand it is easy to carry anyway. Youth attempt deadliest stunts for selfies and they call it collection of memories.

Today, importance of mobile phones goes beyond receiving or making calls but is becoming key to all the locks. People are going crazy for pictures in a professional way and 90% people go for camera phone said a seller. Looking at the other side of the coin, this camera craze and camera phones are generating employment opportunities as well. People can now earn money just by youtubing, or by making mobile films. Udayan Swamy, YouTuber, said that it is one of the best ways to earn money and fame on the basis of talent and creativity. He opined that mobile and social sites act as a stage for poor talented people as they can now make videos on mobiles only.

Otherwise previously camera meant expensive DSLR and SLR only. Also everyone cannot afford computers or laptops so mobiles connects everyone with such sites and virtual world too. This gave them a stage to head their talent with less expenditure. Apart from YouTube various talent hunters also organise film festivals to hunt such short mobile films. In this way mobile phones and mobile cameras are proven to be a marvel for talented people. Talking mobile vendors about feature in demand straight answer comes camera. They informed that youth demands for camera phones, editing features and high battery backup so they can flaunt their photography skills. Also the skill is hitting youth’s lives and pockets. People are paying huge just for camera phones. Also mobile companies are smart enough to promote their gadgets by camera and battery backup and viewers too are paying huge for the worthless gadgets.

Yashraj Singh, Technical engineer in I-phone Company, stated that I-phones have various features relating to picture quality enhancement and capturing. People are buying on the basis of camera megapixels because number of mobile brands itself are generating myths that camera quality depends on its mega pixels.

Whereas more metafiles does not mean better picture quality but it means that you can create a larger print without any distortion. Quality of image depends on cameras sensor size and pixels density etc so he advice buyers not to run after mega pixels but after a quality mobile phone for the better selfies. On the other hand, youths admit that craze for selfies is hazardous but they enjoy it and are also bound after peer pressure. If they will not click pictures to entertain social world they will be marked as old fashioned. Also this is the way to collect and save memories. Phone camera helps to generate good quality pictures and they are not supposed to find a professional for the purpose. This makes youth take selfie in any way. Girls stated that they click lots of pictures as they enjoy all the Likes and popularity on social sites. If they will not people will not know them and will lack behind in this famous world. Youth also makes crazy videos and pictures to get liked on virtual world. Well selfies to entertain virtual world and to collect and safeguard memories is good but going crazy after is hazardous.

Taking selfies and posting is not class but choice. Virtual world also generates employment, provides stage to show talent. Inshort it is both marvel and doom all depends how you use it. Weather you entertain virtual world with crazy selfies or by talent and creativity.