‘Rahul Agrekar was intocricket betting’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Dec 2017 14:05:38


Staff Reporter,

DECEASED Rahul Agrekar was involved in cricket betting and was a bookie, though so far his name had not figure don police’sradar.Disclosing this DCP Zone III Rahul Maknikar said, “Post untimely death of Rahul,we undertook probe and that revealed his involvement in betting business.

” According to police, Rahul Agrekar has about Rs 38 lakh in three different bank accounts. DCP Maknikar accepted that the rookie criminals proved one up on the city police machinery, however claiming that under the given circumstance and available time frame, city police did their best.

DCP Maknikar, however, dropped enough hints that had Agrekar family came straightway to police on receipt of first call the accused duo could have been caught quite early. Rahul used to look after family’s lottery business whose turnover was quite big and Durgesh also was in know of the fact.

The eldest son Jayesh was looking after a pharmacy and did not know much about lottery business, the prima facie probe revealed. Rahul had account in Bank of India and sources said, the bank account had deposits in crores. Now that crime side has been settled, the economics now would be probed thoroughly.

Police would be looking into whether Rahul was working alone or was part of any betting syndicate. DCP Maknikar said, Rahul was known to be operating from Bhandara and other such outstation units and was never working from city and hence could have probably escaped attention of city cops. Besides the Agrekar family kept very low key and that could also explain that no one had any inkling about Rahul’s involvement in betting business.

A common link between Rahul and Durgesh besides the lottery business was that the latter was heavy indebted owing to lure of cricket betting. Even Pankaj Harode was heavily indebted, he had claimed to have outstanding of advances from bhisi and had taken hand loans from friends and relatives.