Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Dec 2017 12:14:17











IT’S a matter of great concern and shame for all that Maharashtra has been rated among the top three States in the country recording maximum number of crimes. That Uttar Pradesh has topped the list was less shocking than the ranking the ‘progressive’ State of Maharashtra has achieved. Because, Uttar Pradesh is way behind Maharashtra in urbanisation, industry, agriculture, education, trade and commerce, considered to be the barometer of measuring progress of the society. Despite all this progress, there is hardly any gap between Maharashtra and UP in crime rate. Maharashtra may have made progress economically. but has degraded socially, and culturally, if the listing is any indication. Forget about other crimes. The fact that over 4,100 rape cases were reported in Maharashtra last year alone should be reason enough for every one to hang his head down in shame. The listing should be taken seriously not only by the authorities but also by the people. Achieving rapid economic progress at the cost of moral and cultural degradation of the society is not at all acceptable.


SOME people get pleasure in wallowing in pseudo liberalism. Former cricket captain and great spin artist, Mr. Bishen Singh, by advocating resumption of cricketing ties with Pakistan, is showing those traits of pseudo liberalism. His advocacy for resumption of cricketing ties, with a country which is hell bent on bleeding the nation and has vowed to inflict a thousand cuts, is patently misplaced. How can Mr. Singh be oblivious to the fact that Pakistan is relentlessly pursuing its goal of vivisecting the country and taking lives of innocent common people as well as our brave jawans? Mr. Bedi asserts that by snapping cricketing ties with Pakistan we are narrowing down the meaning of patriotism. This is absolutely untenable. Cricket is as much part of national life and hence it represents the country’s cultural aspirations and national honour too. Every Indian looks at cricketers with nationalistic pride. This is not a question of any politics. When there is complete standstill of relations as a consequence of Pakistan’s treachery, why should cricket be made an exception?