Prime accused in Agrekar murder case commits suicide in Raipur

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Dec 2017 14:13:37


Staff Reporter,

IN A sensational twist to the lottery trader Rahul Agrekar abduction-cum-murder case, the absconding main accused Durgesh Bokde committed suicide before city police teams zeroed in on him. Durgesh’ was found dead in Gupta lodge at Raipur in neighbouring Chhattisgarh State. The suicide came to notice on Thursday evening and citypolice learnt about it in the night. Confirming the development, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone-III Rahul Maknikar said,“It is confirmed from the finding of Aadhaar card in the lodge room and photograph with us that Durgesh is dead.One of the chapters inthe case isnow closed and now investigations into case are on as various new findings have came to fore.”

Maknikar was addressing a press conference at Police Commissionerate on Friday evening. DCP (Crime) Sambhaji Kadam also was present. Durgesh supposedly hanged himself with a dupatta from the ceiling fan at the Raipur-based Gupta lodge. On evening of November 30, Ganj police broke open the door to gain access to the room and found Durgesh dangling from the ceiling fan.

An Aadhaar card was found and based on that Durgesh’s family was notified about the incident and subsequently city police also got to know about it. A team of city police that was already in the region was in touch with Raipur police to get further details. The senior police officer said that Durgesh was constantly changing his hideout while on the run to escape police dragnet. Finally, feeling cornered after his fallout with Pankaj at Howrah, Durgesh headed back to Raipur and checked in the lodge on November 27. Incidentally, he checked in using his Aadhaar card inspite of fact that a lookout notice was out against him since November 21 in Central India.

Durgesh had told Manager of Gupta lodge that he would check-out on November 30 but yesterday since morning he made no movement nor the room’s door was opened. Getting suspicious, the Manager rang-up the police who broke open the door where the suspicion came true. Now, police have only Pankaj’s word in the entire case and two people have so far died while two persons are behind the bars, the other one is former’s cousin, Jacky Prajapati who has been booked for withholding information about the crime and not disclosing that Pankaj had given him a country-made revolver for safekeeping

Durgesh Bokde was mastermind: DCP Kadam

“THE abduction-cum-murder of Rahul Agrekar was planned by Durgesh Bokde who had roped in Pankaj Harode for executing the crime. Based on interrogation of Pankaj, the city police have pieced together the sequence,” said DCP (Crime) Sambhaji Kadam who was closely involved in the investigations.

The sequence of the crime and the way two were on the run is being pieced together by police based on interrogation of Pankaj Harode. The original target of abduction of Durgesh was Jayesh and not Rahul but things did not went according to plan. Two attempts on Jayesh, one on December 15 and another on December 17 failed to materialise. The two had done through planning, doing recce for a week and noting down details of Jayesh’s movement. The reason behind targeting Jayesh was that Durgesh knew family business and money is with Rahul.

So Durgesh’s plan was to abduct Jayesh and take ransom from Rahul who he thought would not have difficulty in arranging the money which Jayesh did face after being called for ransom.

Durgesh and Pankaj, in second attempt had planned to run down Jayesh while latter was on way back home during night time. But the two could not gather courage and hence there after settled for Rahul as latter easily decided to come alone and accompany the two on that fateful day, November 21.

Foolproof plan goes bust

AS CLAIMED by Pankaj, they were sure that their plan was foolproof and no one would get suspicious about their involvement in the abduction of Rahul Agrekar. Durgesh had taken loan of Rs one lakh from Rahul about a week back and hence they knew each other very well. Before the abduction Pankaj had prepared two number plates having registration number of other vehicles.

Rahul was asked by Durgesh for help with purchase of an agricultural land, saying the registry would be done in latter's name. On November 21, while on way back to city, Pankaj who was driving his Bolero stopped in a lane besides Centre Point Hotel near GMCH Square where Rahul was taken by surprise.

Pankaj in a statement to police, stated that he slammed a wooden stump twice on Rahul’s head and as latter gasped Durgesh, who was seated besides, tightened a scarf around his neck. After a brief struggle Rahul passed out and police added the lottery trader had even vomited in the vehicle. From their the duo sped back to Petchuha and before that they purchased petrol as they had decided on burning Rahul to destroy the evidence.

Police claimed that Rahul was listless and comatose but was still alive and to back their claim they refer to post mortem report which states that former’s death was due to burn injuries. The first ransom call was made by Pankaj to Jayesh using Rahul’s SIM at 2.10 pm asking for ransom of Rs one crore.

In all three calls were made from three different locations by accused duo to throw police of their track in case they were monitoring the conversation. DCP Maknikar added that during talk with Jayesh they first got name of Durgesh and later that of Pankaj and first team left for Saoner at 5.15 pm from Lakadganj police station.

As per Pankaj’s version he had planned to surrender after reaching Howrah as all their plan for hideout got closed as police had reached out to Jharkhand to Puransingh where Durgesh had sought refuge. But Durgesh did not accept Pankaj’s proposal and had even talked of committing suicide rather than surrendering to police.

The two hopped between Indore, Ujjain many a time and had even gone once to Surat and once to Narainsghpur and Saoner during their nine day of run from police teams who were on their back. Durgesh had planned the abduction as he was in financial distress as his on-line lottery trade had taken a hit owing to GST.