New Year, New Page

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Dec 2017 11:51:03


By Biraj Dixit,

Another year draws to a close. Another year pulls the steady stream of time aside to dip in some of its own fables and tales. And like a drifting pebble, a tiny soul floats on the waves of time, all engrossed in thinking of its own tiny ups and downs.
Another year draws to a close. Just another year! Yet another year.

Also adrift, are all its doings. All salutations and all saturations; all successes and succumbing; all the songs and all of the silence, everything is adrift in eternity. A very short pause, a turn of the year, a celebration nevertheless!
Seriously, why should there be such hullabaloo around the year end? It is just a speck in time. Lives do not change. They go just the way they are. One dusk, one dawn…why should it matter? At the least, a page is turned over. A fresh page to write… perhaps the same old story!

Some people do really love to continue filling yet another page with their enchanting stories, some hope that the fresh page will bring fresh, desirable turns, some others pray that at least this page offers no new unbearable twist but only a steady passing into another page. The page will turn when it will turn, why the excitement?

It is not perhaps, the turn of page or the dawn or dusk that is celebrated. It is perhaps all love, hope and prayers, looked at from one very tiny point in time, that makes year-end such an event. The pebble adrift loves, hopes and prays as the steady stream of time flows unhindered.

For most people, the year-end is a celebration. Celebration of that beautiful thing called life; Celebration for its continuance; Celebrations that all affections and affectations of the living glide into the next page; Celebrations that the present page would soon be the previous one and a clean page would offer itself into the service of its writer; Celebration for the tradition of celebrations.

Whatever be the reason, most celebrate the turn.
Some solemn ones do sit and look back. Look at the carelessly flowing careful pebble, at the stream and its flow, at its tales and tribulations. In the smallness of that moment in the vastness of time, some people do look back. Some do recheck at the end of the page. They cannot correct or erase what has been written. Yet they sit back and look. It helps in writing of the next page, they say. The clean page gets a cleaner writing, less scratches, less omissions and deletions.

Nations look at themselves and place where they stand - Most powerful, powerful, gaining power, hoping to gain power, hoping to stand, devastated. Societies look at themselves and rate – progressed, progressive, hoping to progress; Individuals look at themselves and rate –Most happy, happy, striving for happiness, hoping against hope for some happiness. Citizens look at their nations and rate – Great, ‘great again’, concerned, wary. People look at their societies and think – united, accepting, regressive. Individuals look at one another and say ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘me’.
The solemn ones look back at the pebbles in time and look at the new page. The scribbling there can be the writing on the wall. The new page, with all its already aligned margins and lines, would need the lessons of the previous page. The new page will have to be written by one’s own hand, the solemn ones argue.

So, before the tuneful screams of ‘Happy New Year’ reverberate the air, the vast, ceaseless time, smiling at the pebble, demands that some air be cleared. The words in the noise be heard and the prayers in the songs be felt. The new page will be written by one’s own hand and the new page can do without the old erasers.
“For, last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.”
- T S Eliot