Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Dec 2017 12:55:02










IT IS HEARTENING to note that India and China have agreed to discuss border dispute on Friday. It is significant that a Chinese official is arriving in New Delhi at the invitation of India’s National Security Adviser (NSA) Mr. Ajit Doval. The talks resume in background of the 73-day stand-off between the two giant Asian neighbours. It was not the question of who blinked first on the Doka La dispute. It was more of the question of avoidance of discord between them. Because maintaining cordial relations is in the interest of both China and India. The two countries are too important in geopolitics to drift apart. Together the two can have much impact on global politics. Besides their economic progress is closely inter-linked. It would not be prudent for either China or India to fritter away the advantages their continued relations can reap. It was with this understanding that the earlier leaderships in China and India decided to put the contentious border dispute on a back-burner and sort out issues that will be beneficial to both. The same understanding should remain the guiding principle.


IN A BRAZEN and unabashed manner Pakistan is legitimising terror. By allowing terror mastermind Hafeez Saeed to contest general elections next year Pakistan is giving official status to the terror organisation run by the man. The United States is justified in getting annoyed with Pakistan for this brazenness. Because it has already announced a ten million dollar bounty on Hafeez Saeed’s head and the United Nations has also declared him a global terrorist, a threat to humanity. But despite United States’ repeated missives, Pakistan allows the Mumbai mastermind to roam freely and issuing threats to neighbouring countries like India. For all practical purposes, it appears, Hafeez Saeed is being used by the Pakistani military establishment as a strategic tool against India. In spite of repeated American warnings to rein in the terrorist and his outfit, LeT, Pakistan is emboldened by the support it receives from China at various international fora. Instead of spending days and years in jail, terrorist Hafeez will now be adorning seat of power, designing State policies.