Enable yourself to receive God’s blessing

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Dec 2017 09:29:13




EVEN when we say habitually ‘God Bless You’, we hardly pay attention to what we say. We never ponder deeply over the words and ignore the power they can lend to our lives. We also never think what the words can actually mean. A faint memory of an old Army officer having come to our school telling us stories of war heroes comes up in mind at this point. He had said, in effect, that God blessed each one of us, but we hardly believed this truth. God is kind and bestows all his blessings on all of us, but we never think that He does so, he had said. When the old Army officer was talking about all this, some of us felt that he was on the verge of giving us a religious lecture. But factually, what he was trying to tell was something very sensible. He said, ‘God’s blessings are available to all of us provided we prepare ourselves to receive those.’

Having said that, the old man had gone on to tell us kids that we had to prepare ourselves to receive the Divine prasad! ‘So, make bodies strong. Make your minds clean and ready for prayers. Keep yourselves clean all the time and don’t get into wrong habits so that you become a dirty person. Read books. Study properly. Listen to good and wise words. Do not disobey elders anywhere. Be kind to all. Be friendly with all. Learn the art of smiling. Help others. Save money....!” His advice was in such simple words and small sentences. In those days at school, all that advice made a good impact on our minds. For, in support of these words, he told us stories of how he had survived many bloody battles because Gods had blessed him.

The wisdom in those words holds true even today, not just for some of us but for all of us -- senior citizens, elders, parents, students, school kids -- everybody and anybody. The other evening when shadows had disappeared and twilight had taken over, I walked passed a line of shops after making some grocery purchases. Then, I saw 2-3 boys and 2-3 girls in a huddle in a dark space between two buildings. They were obviously doing something that they wanted to hide. Curious as I always am, I walked close to them and asked them in a stern voice what they were doing. All of them were smoking on the sly. They were flabbergasted as I accosted them. A closer look at all of them revealed that they were physically slight people with pale faces and dull eyes. Obviously, they were returning home from their colleges and had stopped on the way to have some fun.

I felt very sorry for them and chided them and urged them to give up smoking. They did not say anything to me and one by one made their way away. But the small incident made me feel very sad. For, obviously, those kids were squandering God’s blessings of young age. Obviously, their elders do not have a clue as to what the kids are doing. It was a saddening episode. Howsoever strongly I may feel about such experiences, I do not have any immediate solution to this problem of looseness of behaviour of young people. Also, this is not one man’s problem; this is the problem the entire society must work hard to sort out. What more can I say?