O’ Jerusalem

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Dec 2017 10:32:20

THAT the majority went against the United States in the United Nations when things came to voting on the unilateral decision of US President Mr. Donald Trump on Jerusalem as Israel’s new capital, was a foregone conclusion of experts and observers. Everybody felt that at the United Nations, the US would get isolated and most of her friends would vote against the resolution. One of the critical high points of the Jerusalem affair is that India also voted for the resolution opposing the American move, thus demonstrating its integrity to its friends among the Arab States. Just a few days ago, the US had declared India a leading global power as Mr. Donald Trump announced his country’s New Security Policy. He might have expected that India would back the American proposal to move Israel’s capital to Jerusalem. In order to express his solidarity with the idea, Mr. Trump even ordered the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, the present capital of Israel, to be moved to Jerusalem. Despite this, many of America’s friends have voted against the US move. This should be considered a major setback to the American effort to establish itself once again as the world leader in every sense.

Of course, the attempt to have Jerusalem declared as capital of Israel is not likely to get support from most UN member-States. For, they would, naturally, see that as a deliberate attempt of some sections of the global leadership to impose their ideas on the world. The US might have had its own reasons to make the move, but the majority of member-States do not seem to agree with the American insistence. That resulted against a one-sided voting pattern of 128 member-States opposing the US move and only nine supporting it.

Even though the US has put Pakistan on notice about curbing terrorism being operated from its soil, it could not win the Indian support for the Jerusalem move. The reason is more than obvious: India has had a long and friendly association with Arab States as well as with Israel. It recognises the natural rights of the Arabs and would never support the US move on Jerusalem. Of late, India has also developed a fairly thick friendship with Israel. These Indian efforts got a good acceptance even from Israel as Tel Aviv also recognises the Indian sovereignty. Thus, around India, a slight diplomatic logjam has come up, perhaps holding the potential to affect India’s relations with some nations of the world.

It is obvious that the UN voting on the resolution is not going to act as an end to the matter. For, an aggressive United States would push its agenda to the hilt, as indicated by American Permanent Representative to UN Ms. Nikki Haley. She has gone to the extent of calling any vote against the US Jerusalem move an insult to the American nation. Palestine’s Foreign Minister Mr. Riad al-Malki went to the other end to threaten a major religious war looming large on the horizon. When emotions are running so high, there is every possibility of a major face-off at the world body. One of the threats issued by the US is that it would withdraw its aid to the UN, until now the biggest among all member-States. The Arab and Islamic countries have branded that threat as unethical, thus pushing the aggressive US almost to a corner. This log jam is going to be tough to be resolved.