Patanjali ranked India’s most trusted FMCG brand among 11,000 companies

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Dec 2017 11:13:44

Business Bureau,

Patanjali has been ranked as India’s most trusted Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brand among 11,000 companies by the Brand Trust Report India Study 2017. Agency Trust and Advisory did the report - an organisation into brand evaluation across the country that announced Patanjali as India’s Most Trusted FMCG Brand and India’s Most Attractive Brand 2017 amongst 10,000 companies in the country.

On the occasion, Acharya Balkrishan said, “the trust of the people inspires us to work harder, Patanjali is persistently moving ahead on the path of fulfilling its national duties.” He said the country has several MNC’s which have looted the nation with misleading advertising and false publicity. Under the leadership of Pujya Swami Ji Maharaj Patanjali Yogpeeth had initiated the Swadeshi movement on a very high level across the nation that has shaken the foundations of these foreign companies in India. Acharyashree said decades back one foreign company ‘East India Company’ came to India for trade and kept India under the shackles of slavery.

“We got this independence after millions of lost lives and sacrifices; we won’t let it happen again at any cost. Patanjali is 100 per cent Swadeshi. The reason for our success is 100 per cent purity of our products, the trust of our customers and complete commitment of Patanjali towards serving the nation,” informs a press release issued here.

Acharyashree also said that Patanjali had become a synonym of trust in the hearts of countrymen and that day is not too far when the foreign companies will have to leave the country. He said te company’s acknowledgement as ‘India’s Most Trusted FMCG brand’ and ‘The most attractive brand’ is not just a matter of pride for us, but it is a proud moment for every Indian who supported us to make the Swadeshi movement a success.