Be your own santa

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Dec 2017 12:11:40


In our childhood, only the words “Santa Claus” gave us a lot of excitement. The eagerness would grip us every Christmas thinking of a man in a red dress, white hair and beard and a pot belly, supposed to gift us something we had wished for long. Silently, we would pray and make a list of things that we wanted from this messenger. On the day of Christmas watching the old man would give us immense contentment that there is somebody who is listening to our prayers and is here to fulfill our wishes.

As we grew up, we only found satisfaction in watching the Santa (disguised) handover small and sparkling gifts to kids and the smiles that spread thereafter. Because somehow we thought that the dream world of the child where he thinks that Santa is an angel sent by God, is far much better than the real life. Because somehow we understand that there are no jingle bells and Santa is in fact a mortal man (probably one of us) who did not dash through the snow and did not ride a one-horse open sleigh! He was just spending on those gifts or gathering them.

As this realisation strikes us we start losing faith in our prayers, the dreams become far-fetched and our wishes become impossible to complete. From thereon, crying and grumbling we fulfill our responsibilities rather than our desires. Even the smallest wishes are overshadowed by the big liabilities. This constantly leads to regret and lamenting over the time that has passed. Also sometimes we start complaining and blaming our loved ones because of our anguish. Hence, Santa Claus becomes a myth.

But between all this, we fail to question ourselves that why can’t we become the Santa of our own dreams? Why can’t we complete and grant our own small wishes along with fulfilling the responsibilities? And why not work and earn for it?

Rather than suppressing the little desires you could fulfill them. Give yourself a treat once in that 5-star hotel where you always thought you would. Eat every dish of your favourite cuisine. Board the airplane once and take your parents along (because if you didn’t, even they sacrificed for it). Go to that place which you googled a 100 times and kept wallpapers of. Spend time in that lavish resort which was mentioned in that Top 10 list.

Earn for your own happiness while you also earn to complete your responsibilities and most importantly take time out to enjoy your hard work. Kill all the regrets that are born inside you while you still have time. Fulfill your tiniest dreams one by one, step by step. No matter how small that step is or how long it takes. Holding back should never be an option because you get only one life and it is too short for regrets.

















  Sakshi Mishra
BE Sixth Semester
Jhulelal Institute of Technology.