Modi lauds Yogi for junking Noida superstition, says blind faith not desirable

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Dec 2017 08:58:59



PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Monday praised Yogi Adityanath for rising above “superstitions” that Uttar Pradesh Chief Ministers lose office whenever they visit this Delhi suburb in what is known as ‘Noida jinx’, saying “blind faith’ is not desirable.
Modi also said that if anybody thinks that not going to a place will prolong their chief ministerial tenure and visiting a place will curtail it such a person does not deserve to be a Chief Minister.

Adityanath visited Noida twice in three days rubbishing a widely believed myth in Uttar Pradesh’s political and bureaucratic circles that a Chief Minister visiting Noida would face problems retaining his or her post.

In this Delhi suburb to inaugurate the Metro’s Magenta line, Modi pointed to the saffron robed Adityanath and said that looking at his dress, the Chief Minister appeared to be superstitious, but had actually shown that he had the courage to break superstitions.

“I am very happy. Due to his dress, few people find it fashionable to believe Yogi Adityanath is not ‘modern enough’ but it is Yogi Adityanath Ji who has done what chief ministers of Uttar pradesh did not do--he has come to Noida. Faith is important but blind faith is not desirable,” he said.

A priest-turned-politician, Adityanath, was seen smiling as Modi lavished praise. “Unfortunately, there were superstitions associated with Noida and in his own style, Yogi Adityanath has risen above these superstitions and come to Noida.”

“If anybody thinks not going to a place will prolong their CM tenure and visiting a place will curtail it, such a person does not deserve to be a Chief Minister,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that Noida was not the only place to which superstitions had gained ground.
“When I became Chief Minister, people told me of a few places where no CMs went because they were inauspicious. I was clear...I would go to all those places in my first year itself. Driven by blind faith and superstition, leaders never went to places for decades. How unfortunate is that?” Modi said, highlighting that he remained Gujarat Chief Minister for nearly 20 years.