Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Dec 2017 12:21:43





EVEN as Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, concerned over agriculture crisis, has given a slogan of ‘per drop more crop’ for optimum utilisation of water for irrigating farms, a census by the Government has found that surface flow irrigation schemes have dropped by 9,000 in the last seven years. Successive crop failures due to erratic rainfall has dealt a severe blow to farmers across the country, forcing them to dig tubewells. However, most of the tubewells have also gone dry due to depletion of underground water table. In order to reverse the situation, it has become essential to arrest running water. However, as the census has found out, the Government has failed in utilising the flowing stream of water by constructing check dams. Had measures been taken to arrest the running water, the situation would not have been so bad. The ‘Jalyukta Shivar’ (farm pond) scheme of the Government of Maharashtra has demonstrated the benefits of arresting water. It’s time serious efforts are made to use every drop of water for irrigation.


THE Indian experiment to field a combination of youth and experience in the third T20 match against Sri Lanka proved successful. Having pocketed the series, the Indians made the right move to push forward some young talent to test their abilities. This game-plan succeeded as the youngsters really did the Sri Lankans in, pushing them to a no-win situation. The manner in which the two speedsters -- Unadakat and Sundar -- removed three top Sri Lankan batsmen in a space of 11 balls and started the fall of the rivals’ bid to restore their honour at least in the last match. The clinical manner in which the Indian team played also showed its professionalism. Yet, it must be stated that the Indian batsmen did not treat the Sri Lankan bowlers with respect and lost wickets without reason. There did come a moment in the match when Indian anxieties showed up. The scoring rate fell and boundaries got hit only occasionally, much in contrast to the previous match. It is against this lurking tendency that the Indians will have to guard themselves in future.