Gas survivors demand better medical facilities at BMHRC

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Dec 2017 11:31:38


Staff Reporter,

On Wednesday, Gas survivors protested demanding improvement in medical facilities at BMHRC (Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre).

They alleged that after considerable delay, the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) has formally decided to merge the BMHRC with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhopal. However, the Union Cabinet has not yet sanctioned the proposal. Besides, they also requested State Government to do the needful without further delay so that the health needs of the gas victims, which have been long neglected, are duly met. They also said that there is urgent need to upgrade State Government’s health delivery system to meet the needs of the gas victims.

The gas survivors’ organisation has claimed that the BMHRC has patient data only of few lakh patients to whom cards have been issued and computerisation process of others has not been completed.

It was brought to the notice that some patients are not satisfied with the quality of medicines being prescribed and issued to them by way of generic medicines. Besides, an independent agency should be determined and specified for testing such drugs and to confirm and certify their efficacy on random basis.

In additional to this, substantial measure needs to be taken in fighting the menace of dispensing of spurious and sub-standard drugs to gas victims. Frequent surprise visits of authorities to BMHRC and its outreach centres as well as to the gas relief hospitals and clinics and collect random samples of drugs that are in their stock and are being dispensed to gas victims should be done.

The main problems plaguing BMHRC include severe shortage of senior consultants and other doctors due to the failure to retain those already recruited and the inability to recruit new specialists in the absence of attractive Recruitment Rules (RR) as well as the failure to upgrade BMHRC into a teaching hospital; critical shortage of medical equipment and technical staff for carrying out investigations, diagnosis and treatment and malfunctioning of many existing ones due to failure to replace outdated equipment.

It may be noted that when BMHRC was set up in the year 2000, it was the best equipped premier super-specialty hospital in Bhopal serving the health needs of not only gas victims free of cost but it also served a large number of non-gas victims on payment basis. Apparently, at one time, the services were so good that the priority shifted from gas victims to non-gas victims, while BMHRC was under the administrative control of the Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust. They alleged that for the last several years, delivery of health services at BMHRC has been going from bad to worse.