Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Dec 2017 12:05:56









UTTAR Pradesh Government has not learned a lesson from the past medical tragedies. Earlier, 60 children were killed at a Gorakhpur hospital, followed by deaths of 49 patients in Farukhabad hospital due to lack of oxygen supply. And now comes the shocking revelation that doctors at a State-run community health centre performed cataract surgeries on 32 patients in torch light, as there was no electricity, nor power back-up. While the district administration has suspended the chief medical officer for the lapse, the Government is also equally at fault. On the one hand, it is busy giving assurances that electricity will be provided to every household, on the other hand, uninterrupted power supply to even hospitals is not ensured. Nor any arrangement of power back-up in case of emergency is made. Unfortunately, such a situation persists in almost all the States. While the number of patients visiting hospitals is on the rise, the infrastructure remains poor. This must end. Because, nobody has a right to play with the lives of the patients.


IT SHOULD not surprise anybody that Indian cricket’s bosses are finding it difficult to find a true replacement for Mahendra Singh Dhoni in limited overs games both as primarily as wicket-keeper and generally as a batsman with invaluable experience. The selectors did try some others as wicket-keepers but all those youngsters could not come level with Dhoni’s excellence behind the wicket. When one man attains such height of excellence, it is naturally difficult for the managers to find a replacement. Even as he opted out of Test cricket, M.S.D., as the former captain is popularly called the world over, prepared himself specially in mental alertness and physical fitness. There he stands out in the middle all eager to take on the world’s best and does so with consummate ease. This kind of contribution is being treated as a lesson for the youngsters not just in Indian team but also in the rival one. It is not without reason that the selectors are eager to play him right up to the next World Cup. Unless Destiny jilts this plan, Dhoni will continue to make his presence felt.