paid back

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Dec 2017 12:01:12

PAKISTAN seems to be determined on thumbing its own nose at India’s hands. A few days back the Pakistan Army had attacked Indian positions, killing four Indian Army personnel, including a Major. India could not have sat over this martyrdom of its brave men. It retaliated with greater force, crossing the Line of Control, inflicting bigger damage and accounting for casualties on the Pakistani side, whose number is not determined. But the damage should cause enough concern in the Pakistani Military think-tank and ponder over whether its misadventure with India is worth the price it is being made to pay by the Indian Army of late. 

While such a retaliatory action by the Indian Army is always welcome and not take things lying down as it is a matter of the safety, security and defending the honour of the country and keeping the morale high of our brave border sentinels, it would be more pronounced and effective if the Army is allowed to launch a counter-attack immediately. In the instant case the attack on the Pakistani positions was undertaken after three days of the transgression by the Pakistani Army. An immediate counter-attack would possibly have made a more telling effect on the enemy’s psyche and let it known the price it has to pay for such an act of unprovoked aggression against our country.

For this the Army will have to be given greater freedom to deal with such local issues and take on-the-spot decisions to immediately respond to the provocation from across the border. However, it must be appreciated that ever since the NDA Government has taken over, there is much change in the manner in which the Indian Army responds to the provocations from the Pakistan Army. It is because of this that the Indian Army has been able to contain and even nullify the effect of relentless and unprecedented regularity of attacks the Pakistan Army has been making on Indian side during the last one year, either through repeated cease-fire violations or through the infiltration of hordes of terrorists, whose parentage also belongs to the Pakistan Army.

The latest strike by the Indian Army within the Pakistani territory shows the preparedness, meticulous planning to the last detail with high degree of precision in undertaking such strikes to rattle the enemy to the core. This is the third notable attack by the Indian Army on the Pakistani side responding to it in the same kind with more lethal effect. The first was during the days of Mr. Manohar Parrikar as the Defence Minister. And then followed the ‘surgical strike’ in the aftermath of the terror attack on Uri and Pathankot airbase.

These strikes show that the Indian Government and the nation’s Army have realised that Pakistan has made it its policy to keep the fire burning and cause as much damage to India as possible through the involvement of the Army or use of groups of terrorist organisations to carry out its destabilisation plan, keep the Kashmir cauldron boiling all the time and carry out terrorist attacks elsewhere in the country like the Mumbai attack. As a consequence, the Indian Army is well geared up for the challenge thrown up either by China or Pakistan.

Both these enemy countries may not have comprehended the preparedness and willingness of the Indian Government and the Army to respond and retaliate with such vigour and force. The Chinese had had the taste of India’s determination to take the bull by the horn when it confronted the Chinese aggression in Doka La in full force, forcing the Chinese to retreat. Pakistan has so many bitter experiences of the past, licking its wounds on a permanent basis, and continues to suffer. But unfortunately it refuses to learn any lessons and persists with the fond hope that it would cause some damage to India.