Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Dec 2017 12:00:10











THE proposal of the Maharashtra Government to bring a law making cut/commission practice among doctors a criminal offence inviting fine and a jail term, is most welcome. It has become a norm to pay a commission to doctors who refer patients to other practioners and laboratories for conducting tests. The patient, who is already under physical pain and mental distress due to illness, is often made to undergo unwanted tests by doctors because of the lure of getting commission, putting an additional financial burden on him. The fees of doctors have already gone through the roof. Unwanted tests make a big hole in the hapless patient’s pocket. The priority before the family members of the patient is to get him immediate medical care and relief. Since they are not aware of the medical science and the treatment prescribed, doctor’s word is final for them. Many unscrupulous doctors take disadvantage of this situation and fleece the patients. A law is thus must to end the ill practice. Rest of the States in the country should take a cue from Maharashtra and make such a law urgently,


IT IS most unfortunate that some people have raised questions about the loyalty of former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif to his religion just because he extended his ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings to his friends. Of course, there were many who returned his greetings, but there also were many who questioned Kaif’s loyalty to his religion. It is unfortunate to say that one cannot extend his greetings on important days of other religions. In fact, such gestures are most welcome because they demonstrate true accommodation of other faiths in our cultural patterns. It should be considered as a true symbolism of a secular and inclusive society when peoples of different religions greet each other warmly and participate in celebrations to promote harmony and togetherness. This has been a practice in Indian society for countless years. Of late, however, some elements are becoming extremely intolerant of other religious faiths and are ready to denounce liberal persons like Mohammad Kaif just because he said ‘Merry Christmas’ to his friends. Most unfortunate!