Bhopal Stn Manager’s office to go digital

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Dec 2017 11:53:58

By Ankita Garg,

Contributing in the Digital India campaign, West Central Railway (WCR) is all set to start live train’s signal information to the station managers via LED screens from January 15, 2018. Making its signal communication stronger, Railways has decided to display live train signals directly connected to the tower panel in Station Manager’s office through LED screens. Through the screen, the station managers will be able to know the status of all trains coming towards the station. The facility will be starting at Bhopal Railway Station from January 15.

Several train accidents occurred in which trains collided due to wrong signal issues. Through the facility, Station Manager would be able to check the signals and he would be immediately tracing the wrong signals in a row. “Yes, order has been released to install LED screen in Station Manager office, which would be directly connected to the tower panel. Now Station Manager would get direct status of signals,” said IA Siddique, Public Relation Officer (PRO) Bhopal Railway Division. He further informed, in present system, train’s arrival, departure and entrance from outer to platform is held through Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) tower building.

All the information of trains arrival and departure is being shared by Station Manager’s office. But, the Station Manager is doing this job through phone as has no facility for the live information. In many cases, Station Manager gets confused or misspells the train number or messages, which become a big issue. Finding solution to this issue, Railway Board has directed to install the screen that would be directly connected to the tower system in Station Manager office.

However, the facility has been already introduced in Eastern Railway and few other Railway divisions. According to Railway officials, number of trains have increased rapidly at main railway stations of the division. Due to increase in number of trains, Station Manager and staff at tower panel have become more responsible for the task. Station managers said, they have to check the update of trains every 5 to 15 minutes. Therefore, officials have decided to install the tower panel screen in the Station Manager cabin.

Railway officials informed that, at present, train signals’ information between Station Manager and tower panel is being made by the guard, loco pilot and other stations. When trains arrive at home signal, Station Manager decides the train line and platform. Now this system would be moderated and Station Manager would be deciding the train’s platform before arrival in home signal. The LED screen would be working 24X7 and Station Manager would be able to find out the problems.