Global Teachers’ Meet concludes

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Dec 2017 11:56:58


Staff Reporter,

SECOND day of Global Teachers Meet began with lighting of the Lamp by Dr Senthil Kumaran, Mansa Pandey, Fr Maria Stephen, Dr Rajesh Sharma, Sr Noreen, and Kala Mohan followed by religious sermons.

First session on the second day was taken by Dr Senthil Kumar, the chief counselor, on Empowerment of the teacher said, “The purpose of education is not to create superstars but to create an active, good and happy citizens. School experience is to create and to lead new competences and change in attitude to create better India. It is the need of the hour to go back. ABC which means Awareness, Building competency and Change is a way to empowerment.”

Mansa Pandey enlightened teachers on power of effective feed back to understand the assessment cycle namely ‘formative assessment and summative assessment’. She said, “feedback is like water for flowers without it they do not bloom.” Dr Rajesh Sharma said in his session that education is the art of making man ethical. Children see and do. All learning should focus on relationships. Dr Subramaniam Ex Director of academic, CBSE gave an input on modern trend in learning. “Why do we need to enhance the universe of learning? knowledge is expanding, learning is becoming accessibility, also becoming rewarding and becoming sustainable.

All of us need to learn, unlearned and relearn in our life. Speed that make thinking and memory irrelevant,” said Subramaniam.
100 teachers were honoured for their service in education for more than 20 years by Dr Subramaniam and Dr Dheeraj. over 500 teachers participated in the first Global Teachers Meet-17. thanking everyone the Global Teachers Meet 17 concluded.