Illegal mining gaining ground in Lalbarra

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Dec 2017 11:16:45


Our Correspondent,


The administration looks feeble before the mining mafia in the development block. The authorities seem to be turning a blind eye to the ongoing illegal mining of sand from river.
The potency and the arena of the mining mafia is increasing with each passing day, where the government looks helpless and is unable to stop this illegal trade of Sand mining.
Such an incident was reported where the illegal trade has made the area un provided of the resources as the mafias are mining Sand from Wainganga river at Potiyapat.

In the village Khaari, the illegal miners used dozens of tractors to transport sand from Wainganga river to city. It seems that the administrative officers overlook these illegal activities.

According to sources, the sand mafia has accepted that they pay huge amount to the police, hence the mafias fearlessly perform these illegal activities in day as well as night. The area of activity is just 5 kms away from the police station which signifies that the police officials are definitely aware of these illegal functions. Its notable that from Manpur and Maaheganva, a cement road is being constructed of 11 kms by the contractor of Rajnandganv, who uses illegal sand of Khongatola and Kherra. When Tehsildar, Dilip Singh Maravi was asked about this, his answer was difficult to accept. He said that before they investigate these illegal trades, they received calls and threats from the ministers and people with high political influence.

An incident came into light where the Panch, with the collaboration of the mafias, sold the sand at the rate of 1200 to the contractors. It is certain that the government officials, members of the Panchayat, the people belonging to political organsiations, public representatives and few locals are all part of these illegal trade.