UP’s lone Muslim Minister slams those backing triple talaq

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Dec 2017 08:39:14


By Arunav Sinha,


A LONE Muslim Minister in Uttar Pradesh on Friday slammed those supporting triple talaq, arguing that if uttering the word ‘nikaah’ (wedding) thrice does not solemnise a marriage, how can uttering the word ‘talaq’ thrice result in divorce.

“My simple question is if saying talaq-talaq-talaq results in divorce, then saying nikaah-nikaah-nikaah should mean that wedding has been solemnised,” Waqf and Haj Minister Mohsin Raza said a day after the Lok Sabha passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill by voice vote.

He said going by the same logic, saying namaz-namaz-namaz should mean that prayers have been offered. “No where it is written that saying talaq thrice will result in divorce. Do you think that by saying roza-roza-roza, my roza will be complete? Roza is a process, which has to be completed. Haj is a process, which has to be undertaken. Just saying Haj-Haj-Haj will not suffice. Similarly, talaq is a process,” he told PTI in an interview. Condemning the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, he said the AIMPLB have made a mockery of things and want to fulfil its vested interests.

He said the AIMPLB can come up with the logic that you need not to go to mosque and say namaz-namaz-namaz. “The AIMPLB should first learn the basic lesson of Sharia,” he said.

Mounting attack on opposition parties for opposing the bill, he said, “Opposition should first say on what basis the AIMPLB should have been made a stakeholder while finalising the draft of the bill. The board is simply an NGO. There are many organisations working for social welfare and the AIMPLB is one of them.”

Raza also said the AIMPLB is neither ‘Shariat’ nor the Constitution of India. “As far as the opposition parties are concerned, they are always eager to take undue advantage of casteist and communal sentiments. They point fingers at us and accuse the BJP of being a communal party. In fact, the remote control of AIMPLB is in the hands of the opposition parties, who have been baffled (by the talaq bill),” the UP Minister said.

More than the AIMPLB, it is the opposition parties who are baffled by the anti-triple talaq bill, as they seek the votes of the particular community, and hence they are talking like this, he alleged.

“Please try to think as to why the BJP or Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to take an initiative and draft a law in this regard at the first place.”